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New Game: Ventur!
News posted 16th September, 2006 by Flava  
A rather interesting game has been added today, which goes by the name of Ventur! It was created by chip scheppel and is an action game in which you must retreive your city's Grail. The author can probably explain it better than I can!

Comments from the author: This used to be a peaceful land. The people of the city where protected by a mysterious golden Grail. Our chief wizard Modaes has betrayed the city by stealing the grail from under us! To make matters worse the evil Kendermos army has declared war on our city! With out the Grail we cannot fend the city against the evil Kendermos. Without the Grail in it's complete form, we are doomed. Our only hope is found in a brave knight named Pix. who for his own selfish motives wants the Grail for himself.

Click here to download this game and read its reviews.

Posted by Klikmaster 16th September, 2006

Your, not you're, silly.
Posted by Flava 16th September, 2006

lol thanks, I only just woke up when I wrote this..
Posted by Phredreeke 16th September, 2006

I'm getting bad at this...

Flava FTW!


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