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GOTW #219: Weird Colony Online AND Green Climber (Screensaver)
News posted 3rd February, 2007 by Flava  
It seems you all couldn't come to an agreement over who should win the GOTW this week - Weird Colony Online and Green Climber both came in with 11 votes, meaning that they both share the award this week. Congratulations to Shroomlock and professor Sun!

Click here to download Weird Colony Online.

Click here to download Green Climber (Screensaver).

There are a good number of games for you to vote for this week, so hopefully there won't be another draw this week! The games up for vote are:

Box Images
Pling 4 pack
Pointless 2: The Re-Disappearing
Unfortunate Climber (screensaver)
Dungeon TV Factory

Posted by Hayo 3rd February, 2007

Posted by Plooscva 3rd February, 2007

OMG! Peanut!
Posted by skatekid 3rd February, 2007

This messes up the GOTW page, it only links to wierd colony. Is it possible to just make it two weeks?
Posted by JohnsProgram 3rd February, 2007

I think this is the second time for the GOTW ended up a tie.
Posted by Flava 3rd February, 2007

The GOTW has actually had quite a few draws - nothing we can do about it I'm afraid! (Will sort out the spelling error - thanks Hayo)
Posted by Nioreh 3rd February, 2007

Were we not promised compo results this week? =P
Posted by chrilley 3rd February, 2007

I bet they'll come up the minute before Monday.
Posted by Ski 3rd February, 2007

shab said today that they'll be released tommorow (sunday)


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