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The Weekly Click #9
News posted 18th March, 2007 by Flava  
Again, nothing huge this week - here is the best of what has happened in the last week, within the community.

  • Klik-Me appears to be coming back to life. Jimbob has been posting a few new posts and seems to want people's ideas for a so-called Klik-Me v3. Not sure if this is a definate go ahead yet, I assume Jimbob will wait and see what replies he gets first. Click here for more information.

  • Klik-Union seems to be having a bit of a makeover. The site has been taken down and a new page, stating that version 2 will be coming soon, has been put up. Smeggy tells me that it will be freed from the confines of phpBB - I personally can't wait to see the result. Click here to visit Klik-Union.

  • After having Chris Och leaving the group, Natomic appears to be slowly waking up again. They have taken down their site and replaced it with a Wordpress blog - there are some news posts explaining what has been going on, which may help explain a few things. Click here to visit Natomic.

  • Code6 at the Clickteam forums has announced that he is creating a sequel to his MORPG, Smiley House. If you have never heard of it, then it use to be quite a popular online game (probably the best one so far, in my opinion) with a large number of users (although seems to have declined in the last 2 years). You can see some development notes and screenshot by clicking the link below. Click here for more information.

  • Posted by Plooscva 18th March, 2007

    First comment!

    Nothing interesting, few typos.
    "the result.Click here to visit Klik-Union." - No space

    "MORPG, Smiley House" - I think it's better known as a MMORPG, not sure.
    Posted by Flava 18th March, 2007

    Fixed the space.
    And Code6 actually wants to call his game an MORPG because his game isn't massive - so it's just multiplayer online RPG
    Posted by Johnny Look 18th March, 2007

    that smiley game looks quite interesting.
    Posted by Dr. James MD 18th March, 2007

    Good news all round then!
    Posted by Billybobjoe198 18th March, 2007

    Yeah good 'ol SH I'm trying to help code with it, Don't know if Joshtek is helping.
    Posted by Rhys D 18th March, 2007

    He should really develop a game that isn't based around smileys...
    Posted by axel 19th March, 2007

    I had an account on Klik Union, but I was never really active there. It's gonna be interesting to see the new site though.
    Posted by Tim 19th March, 2007

    Interesting, then a waste.
    Posted by DaVince 20th March, 2007

    " clicking the link below. Click here..."

    That's to the right.
    Posted by Tim 20th March, 2007

    Yeah there should have been a
    , unless it was displayed differently on Flav's computer

    I use 1280x1024 so everything's pretty stretched out relaly.
    Posted by Tim 20th March, 2007

    LOL I mean a

    Posted by Tim 20th March, 2007

    ZOMG!! I MEAN A < BR >

    even the nbsp; <- non breaking space? tags work?! :S

    Ah well
    Posted by X_Sheep 20th March, 2007

    type ! lt or ! gt to get <BR>
    Posted by Tim 20th March, 2007

    Ah right, must've been me leaving out the "!"
    Posted by DaVince 20th March, 2007



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