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GOTW #229: Bernard & Hank: Springtime Again
News posted 14th April, 2007 by Flava  
The original Bernard & Hank took a game of the week award, and so has Bernard & Hank: Springtime Again, created by The Peasants. Congratulations to them on yet another win!

Click here to download Bernard & Hank: Springtime Again.

Well just as the Easter holidays are about to end, it is time for another GOTW - however there are only two games this week! Both are very good games and it should be a tight call as to which will win the award - good luck and get voting :)

Fisu - Eat or get eaten
Ultra Car

Posted by Joe.H 14th April, 2007


Deserved winner though.

'Grats Hayo.
Posted by Hayo 14th April, 2007

(+ Matt & Johan)
Posted by Ski 14th April, 2007

omg I wanted Banana Job to win ;_;
Posted by Phredreeke 14th April, 2007

omg what a surprise! *dies and haunts Hayo in his bathroom*
Posted by Ski 14th April, 2007

Gay ghost.
Posted by Tim 14th April, 2007

Can ghosts really be gay?
Posted by Ski 14th April, 2007

Lets hope so
Posted by Dr. James MD 14th April, 2007

I should have put up Vertix here. Congrats Hayo and co!
Posted by Fanotherpg 14th April, 2007

Posted by Joshua M. 15th April, 2007

Posted by axel 15th April, 2007

Omg it's a GOTW duel! >=O
Posted by Steve Harris 15th April, 2007



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