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General Poll #5
News posted 22nd June, 2007 by Flava  
Are you going to, or are interested in going to, this years Click Convention?

A total of 82 people voted for this poll.

Well my exams are over now, and I'm back (if you wondered..) - so here are the results for last week's poll. 18 of you said you were going, while 13 said that you might be going to the Click Convention. But most of you, 51 of you in fact, stated that you won't be going to the Click convention. I'll assume that's because of travel arrangements or something..


How many projects do you currently have unfinished?

Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 22nd June, 2007

Posted by Del Duio 22nd June, 2007

Currently? Two. Hasslevania and Equin Legacy.

The total games I've never finished is maybe 10-15. The cool part about Equin Village is that I had left it unfinished for months and months, then tried it again and fell in love with the project all over again, and THEN finished it. That probably happens to a lot of us I think, where you just get sick of a project for a long time and go back and finish it.

Even with Hasslevania I had to take a 2 week break from doing anything with it because I was getting burnt out. A 2-week break from game making for me is unheard of!
Posted by -Liam- 22nd June, 2007

Let me go check...

Ten of them. Two of which will never be finnished as I've lost 'em
Posted by Aptennap 22nd June, 2007

I only have projects and no finished games I'd say around 50 unfinished
Posted by X_Sheep 22nd June, 2007

I only work on 2 projects at one time. I can tell from experience that I can't handle more.
Posted by DaVince 22nd June, 2007

I had like 5 projects open. Cut that down to 2, putting the rest on hiatus/idea stage, but I can't work on any nowadays anyway.
Posted by Dr. James MD 22nd June, 2007

Currently? Just working on 1 game.
In total? Frig me... too many to count! Definitely 10+
Posted by Quadralien 22nd June, 2007

(sigh) Now where did I put that drive full of old TGF projects?

I've completed far too few projects for having been clicking since I was quite young, to be honest. I'll eventually finish something and put it up here - look forward to that happening in roughly... oh, let's say 2010.
Posted by MJK 22nd June, 2007

I'm working for one game currently, which I originally started for the very first time in 1997 with TGF, then in 1998 all over again with C, 2001 with MMF1.2, 2005 with MMF1.5 and now in 2007 I once again began it from the scratch with MMF2. It's a tough project to finish.
Posted by Fragasnap 22nd June, 2007

I'm only really working on one game, but I have two projects.

The second project is an almost complete rip-off of another game, though, so it will almost assuredly be cancelled
Posted by ncsoftware 22nd June, 2007

I think this poll will pretty much reveal why most clickers/click games will never become succesful. Handling more then 1 game often only means one thing..... you hardly ever finish any of them.

I'm only working on 2 projects. One is a game, I've been working on it for years now. The other project is a teaching project, it has nothing to do with games at all. The game is for fun, in my spare time, the teaching project is for my work.
Posted by Ski 22nd June, 2007

None really. Made some small games with friends, RR will be the first game I finish. Pretty determined
Posted by Neuro 23rd June, 2007

I have 2. One is still in the design process. The other is going smoothly, I just need to figure out how the game will flow. Going for something open-ended, but making it linear is an option I wouldn't mind resorting to...

I have countless other 'projects' that have been abandoned/forgotten, though. I count projects as games I'm actually working on.
Posted by blanco 23rd June, 2007

i still need to avenge my father's death... I've been meaning to get around to that, his killer's getting pretty old...
Posted by Milo 23rd June, 2007

I've made atleast 20 games with a nice start, but no finish. I plan on finishing... 1
Posted by axel 24th June, 2007

One that I'm working on. Many, many that I'm planning on doing after that.
Posted by Ricky 25th June, 2007

4 unfinished projects,
30+ deleted and forgotten projects
Posted by axel 28th June, 2007


... Well, someone had to say it.
Posted by JustinC 29th June, 2007

In 8 years of using click products, definitely over 100 projects unfinished. Possibly over 200.


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