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General Poll #30
News posted 7th January, 2008 by Flava  
What would you like to see happen to the Clickzine?

A total of 92 people voted for this poll.

Simple question really - and there was a clear winner. 53 people think that the Clickzine should be integrated into The Daily Click, while 16 people felt it should be left alone. 15 people felt it should be closed down and the rest of you chose the other option. Well to let you know, I started work on the new Clickzine yesterday - not sure when it will be finished but I'll keep you updated. Some of you may notice that the old website is no longer up - this is simply because the hosting I paid for has now finished. Click here to see all of the results.


How many projects have you finished?

We had a poll last year regarding how many projects you had unfinished - so to start off the new year I thought maybe we could see how many projects you have actually finished.

Posted by viva/volt 7th January, 2008

I've released 7 here, but there were many I wouldn't consider projects these days.
Posted by -Liam- 7th January, 2008

I voted between 5 and 10. This is bexause "back in the day" I used to make so many Mario fan games. I'd churn one out every day.

However I hate to include things like that as the quality was low and of course very unoriginal. I also don't include the games I've submitted here as they are extremly bad also.

In fact, I think they might be deleted soon.
Posted by MJK 7th January, 2008

Over 30 in 12 years; that's some 3 in a year. Couple of them may even have been decent in quality terms, but that's arguable.

Maybe a better question here would've been "How many projects have you finished AND how many years have you been clicking?".
Posted by Flava 7th January, 2008

I think we already had a "How many years have you been clicking" poll.
Posted by MJK 7th January, 2008

Yes, but together those to questions would've produced more interesting poll results. See, someone has finished 2 projects but has been clicking for 1 year, whereas someone else has finished 2 projects in 10 years. This poll shows them as "equal", even though they're very different in reality. Oh well, not an important thing, but just had to mention it. Carry on...
Posted by Tim 7th January, 2008

I wonder what Adam voted for in this poll
Posted by Dr. James MD 8th January, 2008

Back in my junior years I'd make about 10 games a year. But in my serious years I've made about... 4, 5 games? Much less now it takes 9-18 months to make a single game.


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