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General Poll #31
News posted 9th February, 2008 by Flava  
Do you think you will still visit the site in 5 years from now?

A total of 117 people voted for this poll.

This was quite a close poll. The majority of you believe that in 5 years time, you might just 'drop in' to the site every now and then (46 votes). There were 32 people who think that they will still be here for good in 5 years time, while 25 people have no idea. Only 14 people think they will have moved on from the site (but not necessarily kliking altogether). Some very interesting results there - feel free to talk about them in the comments.


When do you make games?

This poll was suggested by Phredreeke. I struggled thinking of some options - but to let you know, the "Daytime" and "At night" options apply for any day of the week. So if you make games any day of the week, choose whether it's at day or night - if you only make them weekends or weekdays, then choose the "Weekends" or "Weekdays" option. Thanks again to Predreeke for the poll question and options (and thanks to everyone else who suggested a poll in the forums, your poll suggestion might be used next week!).

Posted by Ski 9th February, 2008

I really think most people will vote "when I feel like it"
Comment edited by Happy Adam on 2/9/2008
Posted by Dr. James MD 9th February, 2008

Night usually. Proper work and play at day, games at night. Annoying when it comes to doing music though "shut up will yaaa".
Posted by alastair john jack 9th February, 2008

Above "Never" there should of been an "all of the above" option.
Comment edited by alspal on 2/9/2008
Posted by Phredreeke 10th February, 2008

Yay! You used my poll idea
Posted by Muz 11th February, 2008

Dr. James:
That's why I have headphones. Those surround sound ones. Useful for grunt work and I can just take them off when I need to think

Heh, night's the best time to work. No siblings asking, "What are you doing?" "That thingy looks retarded." "(says a random word in illegible notes) HAHAHAHA!"


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