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The Weekly Click #21
News posted 10th February, 2008 by Flava  
So here is another post full of the week's latest news. Like always, I've tried to get as much news as possible - but if there is something that you think I've missed off, send me a message or post in the comments. Lets go..

  • Sphax is still updating his very impressive Physic Draw program. I've been playing with it a lot and even had a session which lasted about an hour. This time around he's added rocks and balloons, which means you can do even more things. Check it out if you haven't already! Click here to visit the Physic Draw project page

  • Probably my most anticipated game of this year is Bonesaw. Those who have played it have said it is awesome, and the videos of it also look awesome. xerus has updated the Bonesaw project page and he states that the game could be finished and online in the next few days. We may very well get our hands on it soon.. Click here to visit the Bonesaw project page

  • Johan Hargne of Crobasoft has just released a new game called The Yore. I remember seeing the engine for this here, however the game itself does not appear to have been submitted (hence why I'm telling you about it now!). It's an adventure/puzzle game and it certainly has a unique and creepy feeling to it - definitely worth checking out. Click here to visit Crobasoft and download this game

  • Another game I can't wait for is Tormishire. Some more images have been posted by James, this time showing the differences in the game when hardware acceleration is used. He has also posted a few other screenshots of the game and title screen. Click here to read his latest post

  • SilverNova have had yet another re-design. And as always it looks really nice. There is also some more information regarding the goings on of SilverNova members. Mirage is coming along nicely, as is Ainevoltas 2. Click here to visit the new SilverNova website

  • For those who haven't seen the news post below, the Christmas competition results will be posted around mid-February. Please understand that in order to judge these games fairly, we have to play through all of the games and complete them - which takes a lot of time (some of the games presented me a bit of a challenge anyway!).

    Rikus also announced that the next KlikCast episode (which will also be a video edition!) will be released today. I'm not sure whether he's actually finished the episode, but if he doesn't release it today then I'm sure we'll see it in the next few days. Keep your eyes out.

    Posted by Klikmaster 10th February, 2008

    I've never really looked at Bonesaw, but it looks awesome! Really looking forward to it!
    Posted by Ski 10th February, 2008

    Both Tormishire and Bonesaw are hot games. Also what's with the huge white outline on the Silvernova typography?
    Posted by Johnny Look 10th February, 2008

    holy crap it's like the 4th site in 3 months !
    looks great btw
    Comment edited by Johnny Look on 2/10/2008
    Posted by Tim 10th February, 2008

    Adam, it's been like that since ... ever?

    Thankoo Johnny! and thankoo Flava! <3
    Posted by Ski 10th February, 2008

    It stands out worse on the black background, I guess.
    Posted by Tim 10th February, 2008

    Lol, aww how cute
    Posted by Guru Rinpoche 10th February, 2008

    I hope the differences in the HWA Torm and regular Torm become more apparent in trailers, because I didn't notice a huge difference...
    Posted by Ski 10th February, 2008

    I think you will while playing it
    Posted by Dr. James MD 10th February, 2008

    Mostly it smooths out the rotated objects, mostly. And the speed cash back is pretty awesome.
    Posted by Guru Rinpoche 10th February, 2008

    Posted by Jake G 11th February, 2008

    "Mirage is coming along nicely" Ben you glory hog!
    Posted by Tim 11th February, 2008

    + Tim + Tom _
    Posted by --Tom-- 11th February, 2008

    yeah! dammit
    Posted by alastair john jack 12th February, 2008

    Jake you are still loved!
    Posted by Sphax 14th February, 2008

    Thanks Flava for the news.


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