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TDC'S Daily News: New Game: Flug Adventure & New General Poll
News posted 26th March, 2008 by Flava  
Thought I'd steal Rikus' Daily News segment for today and tell you about Flug Adventure, created by Aliashoj. It was created in 2006 and I think it is a nice looking platformer. Aliashoj says he was not happy with the outcome, which is why he has only uploaded it now - and apparently a new Flug game is currently in production.

Comments from the author: So, this was made way back in 2006, yet I've only just got around to uploading it, the reason? I wasnt happy with it. But now a new game is being made starring the character Flug and it is becoming truly brilliant, mainly because Im not the leader of the team but this is the reason I want Flug to become a known character, even if it is in this shabby game.
Click here to download this game and read it's reviews

In other news, a new general poll has been put up. In the last poll, most of you said you used MMF2/TGF2 simply because you can create any game you want. Hopefully we'll see a lot more games in the future then? This week's general poll was suggested by James a long time ago - so vote now people!

Posted by Ski 26th March, 2008

It's a hard poll, I probably find out about new games via all of those options
Posted by Flava 26th March, 2008

Okay.. which do you find out about games from the most ??
Posted by Aliashoj 26th March, 2008

DC front page, that's what we all see first, I'm guessing?
Posted by Ricky 26th March, 2008

front page usually or Word of Mouth
Comment edited by -Mr. Lazy- on 3/26/2008
Posted by Rikus 26th March, 2008

Ohh front page update!


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