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Project: Spirit Of The Tiger
Project Started: 29th April, 2016 Last Update: 19th April, 2017
Project Owner: Graeme2408 Project Members:
Project Type: 2D Fighting Game Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview Spirit Of The Tiger is a 2D fighting game.
This is a semi-realistic fighting game loosely based on real martial arts - no Hadoukens or super jumps over your opponent's head!


- Three main game types.
- Create your own fighting style using a variety of techniques (moves) from several different arts including Karate, Shaolin Kung Fu, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, western kickboxing and Capoeria.

- RPG elements - train your fighter to improve power, constitution, defence, stamina etc., learn new moves as you progress.

- Local 2 player option (Sorry, no online as I don't know how to do online) allowing fights between 2 custom fighters.

- Fluid fighting engine with challenging AI.

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By: Graeme2408
On: 8th May 16, 08/05/2016 00:41:17
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New Fighters
Posted 19th Apr 17, by Graeme2408 Post A Comment

I've had a break for a few months but I've restarted working on Spirit Of The Tiger.

Started making the animations for a second fighter - he has a karate style in appearance but like the first fighter, he'll have a customisable fighting style.

So far I've made the fighting stance, walking, knockdown and stand-up animations.

Also updated the design for a Muay Thai fighter.
Game combat engine now playable!
Posted 19th Nov 16, by Graeme2408 Post A Comment
I've finished the combat engine. The AI is done but needs tweaking - currently it's too good (which is how I hoped it would be - easier to dumb it down than smarten it up).

Video clip doesn't really do it justice but I hope it gives some idea of the basic gameplay... The fighter on the right is controlled by the computer.

Latest progress and new clips
Posted 15th Nov 16, by Graeme2408 Post A Comment
I've mirrored Fighter 1's sprites to use as place holder sprites so I can create the main game combat engine.

- Created the customisable moves system where you can map any
combat move to any joystick position and button press (up to 32
moves can be mapped - 8 directions x 4 buttons).

- All of the player controlled fighter's moves are complete,
including sound, impact effects and damage implemented.

- Combat engine includes critical hits system, rest/recovery
system, 4 stats to manage - health,power,stamina and defence.

- Collision detection and damage application system for Fighter 2

Work still to do on the main engine:

- Fighter 2's moves - DONE!

- Fighter 1's collision detection and damage application system - DONE!

- Fighter 2's AI

- Match over (Win/Lose/Draw)

Posted 4th Sep 16, by Graeme2408 Post A Comment
Got 12 tracks sorted for title screen, training stages and fight stages. Overall has a late 80's/early 90's feel to the music - like in martial arts films from that era e.g. Bloodsport and Kickboxer.

Added a few more moves to the main player character. Redone the Flying Side Kick animation to make it look more dynamic . . .

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