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Project: Spirit Of The Tiger
Project Started: 29th April, 2016 Last Update: 19th April, 2017
Project Owner: Graeme2408 Project Members:
Project Type: 2D Fighting Game Project Progress:

Latest progress and new clips
Posted 15th Nov 16, by Graeme2408  
I've mirrored Fighter 1's sprites to use as place holder sprites so I can create the main game combat engine.

- Created the customisable moves system where you can map any
combat move to any joystick position and button press (up to 32
moves can be mapped - 8 directions x 4 buttons).

- All of the player controlled fighter's moves are complete,
including sound, impact effects and damage implemented.

- Combat engine includes critical hits system, rest/recovery
system, 4 stats to manage - health,power,stamina and defence.

- Collision detection and damage application system for Fighter 2

Work still to do on the main engine:

- Fighter 2's moves - DONE!

- Fighter 1's collision detection and damage application system - DONE!

- Fighter 2's AI

- Match over (Win/Lose/Draw)

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