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Project: Friendship Adventure
Project Started: 25th February, 2017 Last Update: 25th February, 2017
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Project Overview  
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In steady production for quite some time now, Friendship Adventure is my dream game: A story-driven game that draws influence from other genres (point-and-click adventures, action-platformers, JRPGs, etc) but with a unique theme: No enemies, no evil, just friends. That means an adventure game with familiar elements from classic games minus villains and violence. Because really, why not?


 It's core inspiration came from a long time desire to make an entire game using the complete soundtrack from the Gameboy Camera (if you've never heard it, you should check it out on Youtube, it's really awesome). The project now entails actually replacing all of those songs with new ones inspired by that soundtrack.



The game is coming along very well, though many changes are being made along the way to ensure it is actually possible to complete (as it began as a bit overly ambitious I'll now admit).

Music for this game is being produced by an 8bit composer and myself. You can find samples of songs here:

A playable demo should be coming at some point, but for now there's only screenshots. Some can be found here:

Well, that's it for now!

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