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Project: Gemini Archangel: An Angel Is Born
Project Started: 11th November, 2010 Last Update: 8th July, 2016
Project Owner: Hermes Project Members:
Project Type: Adventure/RPG/Strategy Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview This is a project with similar functionality to the 'Quest for Glory' series. The hero is animated with video capture.

All's well in the lovely suburbian town of Perkasie. People working, traffic bustling, kids playing on the playgrounds. One day, our hero, Luke, wakes up to find everyone missing. The streets become quiet, the playgrounds vacant, and the only other people remaining are some of his close friends. What happened to the rest of the town? Why has everyone suddenly disappeared?

Engine Development:
Player is fully moveable and can throw stones, cast magick and pick up loose items. Battles are strategic and can be won with all three methods of fighting (brute strength, good timing, counterattacks). Main Menu is fully operable and allows status viewing, magick allotment and saving/loading saved games. Player can observe and interact with their environment with five action choices.

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It's Getting Hotter
Posted 8th Jul 16, by Hermes Post A Comment




Ah, it's good to be back. Allow me to show you more of what I've completed since my last log!

You can now fight certain friendly NPC's! They drop some good items, too. Just as well, some more enemies have been added for the player's strategic pleasure!

You can swim through the land of fire! Not really swimming, but if you can use the appropriate skills, you can clear a very fiery hurdle indeed!

The black market is now open! The lovely young blonde will help you get some of the tools you need to make it financially in this world of near-ruin.

A few graphical upgrades, voice clips, and glitch-fixes have also been done, so this game is coming along more and more every day. I just hope that my day job won't impede my progress too much more.

The Winter Is Over
Posted 6th Jul 14, by Hermes Post A Comment
It's been a long time, and I haven't been on here much, but I am still plugging away at this game!

I've been getting much graphic work done, as can be seen in the screenshot. I won't disclose what is happening, but I'm rather pleased with how it's all turning out.

Onward and upward!

When The Going Gets Tougher
Posted 14th Nov 13, by Hermes Post A Comment



Alright, where to begin...I'll be moving back to an old location soon as a result of poor finances. The job search hasn't exactly been going well.
During my downtime, I've been working here and there on bug-proofing the engine, and I've seen much progress. I've also successfully implemented the first boss cutscene, and it plays out perfectly. After it ends, the player resumes control and can hang around the boss lair or leave if he/she wishes.
Should the player decide to come back to the boss lair at a later date (and also if certain conditions are fulfilled), the player will be given the option to re-fight the boss and possibly gain some rare and powerful items.

Many changes happened since the last update, including but not limited to:
-"Freeze" spell no longer crashes the game when executed at a far distance.
-"Pyro Dart", "Lightning Flare" and "Aura Missile" no longer remain in memory once they've been destroyed, eliminating a glitch resulting in potentially infinite damage incurred.
-"Magick Bomb" now does more rounds of damage dependent on the player's 'Magick' skill.
-The Thief 'Kick' animation now plays correctly.
-The Magick User's Staff Swing animation no longer accidentally plays the Thief Kick animation instead.
-The game can be saved after defeating the Dark Woods boss, and he can be re-fought be exiting and entering the Dark Woods after each victory over him.
-Changed the music for the dramatic scene of Perkasie's destruction, and it's much more fitting now.
-Got ahold of more people for voice recording (like Peter and Lynn), and much progress is being made.

Long Time No Post
Posted 25th Jun 13, by Hermes Post A Comment
It's been a long time since my last update. I've been juggling jobs, fighting my finances, and doing my darnedest to keep myself fed and housed, but I'm still plugging away!

I've purchased Multimedia Fusion 2 to work with now, so I now have more power at my disposal to make this game even better!

I've gotten much done in this time period:
-Updated many graphics to fit the game's style
-Worked with actors to implement voice overs and actions
-Added essential game fuctions:
-Customizable controls
-Mid-battle sound controls (theory)
-Finalized numerous animation pages
-Finalized two voice acting sections

I've also begun work on things on the 'To Do' list:
-Working with a new voice actor for the role of Narrator
-Cutscene ordering and integration
-Other functions I'd best not mention to prevent spoilers

Just as well, I still have people I need to get ahold of for parts as of yet not filmed/recorded:
-7 voice sessions completed (out of 17)
-10 animation sessions completed (out of 17)
-Planning battle choreography with actors

It's been a very busy year for me, but it's not over yet. Hope to post again with more soon!




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