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Project: Epicaus
Project Started: 17th January, 2011 Last Update: 17th January, 2011
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Project Overview  
Preview In Epicaus, you control the largest and most powerful spaceship that mankind has ever created. You are a one-man army sent into the depths of a foreign nebula swarming with a hostile race. It is your job to fight through their networks and eliminate their leaders.

The game has a team of two: Treijim and Xennavor (myself). Xennavor creates most of the graphics, Treijim creates most of the music and sound, and we both do the programming.

The engine is pretty solid. The rest of the development is mostly in making the actual levels/bosses and determining how the game proceeds as a whole. We plan to make 17 levels for the campaign mode, as well as a type of free-for-all mode where you can choose your own bane. There are currently four very different types of enemy ships, bosses not included.

Currently there are four level types:
1. Defend the Space Station: Protect an allied space station for a certain amount of time.
2. Points: Remove enough hostiles for your forces to enter and take control of the area.
3. Timer: Hold the exosphere of an important planet long enough for your allies to land there.
4. Boss: Face up against massively powerful alien ships!

Watch our youtube preview!

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