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Rally-GB(scraped this,starting again)
Author: Adam (Wolverhampton Studios) Submitted: 27th October, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Racing Downloads: 125

Edited By Adam (Wolverhampton Studios) on 10/27/2003

but i have now scraped the lot and starting from the start again. But you can download this so you can see how poor it is!!!

Arrow Keys=turn

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Posted by Pete Nattress 27th October, 2003

i like the graphics but the movement is pretty dang awful, i really thing it'd benefit from a custom one. keep working, it looks OK so far. :)
Posted by Adam (Wolverhampton Studios) 27th October, 2003

er k
Posted by Lew 27th October, 2003

Yeah its nice, but the movements a bit poor maybe skidding, better speed control, engine sound?
Posted by J.J 27th October, 2003

I reviewed it.... Nice game =)
Posted by JonWoG 27th October, 2003

It's not too bad. The GFX are ok and the stages are cool - i like the fact that they're long and aren't just laps :p One problem is the movement. The collisions aren't very well done (you sometimes stick into walls) and i think the cars move too quickly. The presentation isn't the worst i've seen, in fact its not too bad, but the crappy default system fonts and the bad placing of texts let it down - not to mention a few spelling errors. Overall, it's not a bad game. Fix these errors, do a few more tracks, then i'll test it again :)
Posted by Adam (Wolverhampton Studios) 27th October, 2003

yo people remember THIS IS A DEMO only a quickly made test
Posted by Adam (Wolverhampton Studios) 27th October, 2003

in movement do you mean the "car itself" or "the "scrolling"
Posted by Adam (Wolverhampton Studios) 27th October, 2003

i am glad people think its bad becouce it means i can improve it loads!!!
Posted by Adam (Wolverhampton Studios) 27th October, 2003

but i have now scraped the lot and starting from the start again
Posted by ChrisB 27th October, 2003

I find it quite strange how someone can give 3/10 or less for the other ratings and award it 4/10 overall ;P
Posted by Mkingy 28th October, 2003

i find it quite strange someone can review a demo!
Posted by Adam (Wolverhampton Studios) 28th October, 2003

yea i do too :D
Posted by Zane 28th October, 2003

i liked it. its a bit fast though.
Posted by realvictory 28th October, 2003

A demo's just like any other game...
Posted by 28th October, 2003

Ha, I really enjoyed this game with the "skidding" I admit the skidding and speed and crashing into walls and breaking into the grass needs a little work but good game and make a different car-selection screen instead of just clicking on some letters. K? good job
Posted by haloboycs 28th October, 2003

hehe i thought that was level editor in that picture, (black screen with white boxes).. By the way, score system need works.. kinda lame to see all high-score similar to 99800 or close. Why not start at score 1000 then do something like touching vary number of pushing timer(score) up, (like example if it counted down to 991 and you drive into 25 extend time object, it go up 1016) I hope it not too confusing for you. Try to vary score system.
Posted by Adam (Wolverhampton Studios) 29th October, 2003

kool idear pal thanks!!!!
Posted by haloboycs 29th October, 2003

about collaspe into wall and getting stuck, isnt there a way to bounce back opposite direct in certain distance? that way wouldnt car get stuck right?
Posted by Adam (Wolverhampton Studios) 29th October, 2003

hey there are too many bugs with this so i am completley starting form the start
Posted by haloboycs 30th October, 2003

take your time, dont hurry






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