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Review: Unknown Game 1771
Author: OFFINC/Aharms
Added: 30/09/2002

Well, then... I never can see the piont in submitting a demo so short, but it seems the popular thing to do these days. The demo had one short level, and no cut-scenes to show the story which was described on the download page. Basically the game consisted of the main character bouncing about and shooting zombies. Lets break it down now:

Moderate graphics... Overall they work and give the game a fun cartoony feel. The backrounds are okay, the main character and zombie graphics are poor. Also the the platforms that are suspended in the air need to have a bottom, right now they are just cut off leaving a completely flat underside... which is no good. Nice menu screen.

Pretty fun. The main character jumps surprisingly high, which I guess is fun. The enemy AI is really poor, but acceptable for a first level. The zombies provide no challenge and are very easy to kill. Harder enemys are a must for future versions. Lots of random things to collect, and I'm not sure what they do. For example there is a pill counter, but the pills never came into use unless I didn't know how to use them. When you bounce on the spring boards you go through them, easily fixed just say (main character collides with spring board = stop main character movement.)Need a variety of weapons perhaps?

Cute cartoony sounds with jumps and zombie attacks, no music.

Summing it up:
This is a pretty decent first level, but for the rest of the game you have a lot of expanding to do. (ie: variety of harder enemys,variety of weapons,story cut scenes.)


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