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Review: Arunderan
Author: Killerjedi
Added: 07/11/2005

Arunderan is about an unlikely hero rising up to save the kingdom from evil: in this case, a janitor.

Presentation: 9/10
The game is presented quite well; the user interface is acceptable (which is rare in a Click game, I'm sad to say) and the game has a definite theme to it, unlike some.

Graphics: 8/10
Arunderan has some well-rendered 3D graphics that may well be the best yet seen in a Click game, but I couldn't help feeling that the game lacked soul. The graphics were "good," but they weren't exciting in any way. I found the dull skeletons and zombies extremely boring.

Sound and Music: 7/10
The sound and music of the game serve their purpose. There is nothing great about them, but they are certainly not bad, and fit well with the game.

Story: 4/10
This is the first category in which Arunderan falters. The storyline could be funny; a janitor becomes a hero to save the people of his kingdom who have been turned into sheep. However, the dialogue is boring and various bad grammatical choices ruin it. I say "choices" because while there is technically nothing wrong with most of the text, it flows badly and instead of making me it simply annoyed me.

The game almost seems to take the story seriously at times, and the humor feels like an afterthought. If any care was given to the story the game would have been much more enjoyable.

Gameplay: 5/10
Ah yes. Gameplay. The most important factor in any game. Arunderan fails miserably in this category.

You begin the game with no weapon - that's right, no weapon. You are armed only with a slow, weak, inaccurate kick attack. The game quickly throws you into combat with fast moving skeletons that can scarcely be avoided or fled from, and due to the amateurish system apparently used to space out their attacks, you can never predict whether they will rush you and attack right away, or run up to you and stand perfectly still for five seconds.

In addition, your attacks are clumsy, weak and difficult to use. You have to click perfectly on a target to hit it, and there is still a good chance of nothing happening. I'm not sure if this is because of bad collision detection or a built-in hit/miss system, but it is annoying and discouraging.

Despite not having any fun with the game whatsoever, partly because of the bad story, largely because of the irritating gameplay, and also due to the highly annoying fact that almost all of the townsfolk are (for the time being) useless sheep, I persevered, hoping to find some enjoyment. After freeing two townsfolk I was excited to learn that if I could find a piece of Hero's Wood (or something similar) in the quarry to the south, I could obtain a club. After running with low HP through the hordes of skeletons (who I have just remembered offer NO REWARDS other than a small chance of random gold) and the more powerful zombies in the quarry, I found and returned the wood, and was given my first weapon.

"Ah yes," I said to myself. "NOW the game will get fun."

It didn't. I quickly discovered that the club was identical to kicking in every way. It was just as slow and inaccuracte, and to my dismay and fury did NO EXTRA DAMAGE. There is NO difference between the club and your original kick, except perhaps the ability to destroy some obstacles. This is when I quit playing. After all this crap, I was not going to put up with this slap in the face.

Lastability: 0/10
I can't see any reason why anyone but a rabid masochist would want to play this game.

Overall: 4/10
I give the game four out of ten because while it is quite terrible in its gameplay and story, it did at least have good graphics, and at least everything worked. Most Click games play just as bad as this one with the added benefit of bad graphics and rampant bugs.

I'd like to close this review with a word to the author of the game.

I'm terribly sorry you wasted three years of your life on this game; despite it totally sucking, you obviously worked very hard. My only piece of advice is:

Next time, don't worry so much about 3D graphics. Spend your time making a game that isn't total crap.

Sound and Music:

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