Good Sound effects can greatly enhance a game. Just follow the following simple rules:

>Don't have really quite sounds followed soon after by really load sounds, people will turn up thier volume to hear something then be hit by a really loud annoying sound. I've done it myself and its a bad thing to do.
Instead try to keep all the sounds to 1 level, so the player can ajust his/her volume and listen to it comfortably.

>Don't use low-qaulity voices. You all know what I mean, some ones got a low qaulity microphone at shouted something in, making an inaudable voice sample that makes you wanna kick your ears in. Also his and breathing make sound effects sound bad. Hiss can be eddited out and the breathing can be solved by simple speaking clearly and not shoving the mic in your mouth

>Its OK to take good sound effects from other games or off the internet (assuming breaking copyright law is ok!) but dont steel all your sound effects from other places, a few original ones always spices up a game.

>Brown noise can enhance games that envolve busy traffic or crowded areas of citys. If you don't know what Brown noise is, go to a busy shopping center or the middle of a busy town and stand still and listen. Brown noise is a kind of medium pitch rumble that comes from the sound of people, cars and shops bluring together. Create a 5 second loop of it and stick it in your game and it can enhance your game. You can use Cool Edit 2 to make Brown noise.

>Let the user turn off groups of sounds. For example you could let the player turn off all background sounds in your game by putting all the events that trigger those sounds in 1 group and use a button or key to disable and enable that group. This is just an extra thing that doesn't take long to do but adds class to your game, dont over do it though!

Well thats all I have to say for now on the subject, happy gaming.