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Congrats! You found the Klikcast Page! A page dedicated to our very own Indie Video Cast!!!

Klikcast is a indie gaming video show where we interview indie developers, review games and we show the coolest new indie-game trailers out there! It is all made in good fun, so we hope you enjoy it.

The show was first started as a podcast in 2007 but soon developped into a fully featured Video Show with lots of different segments. We also feature our Audio Podcast on this very page, so be sure to have a listen to those also!

Klikcast is currently in its 4th season. The new season started on July 23th with Episode 23.

Klikcast is produced and created by Rikus (other contributions are mentioned in the show notes). If you want to be involved in an episode of Klikcast, contact Rikus by clicking here.

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Episode #27
Released 20/02/2012 22:22:20
Welcome to Episode 27 of the klikcast. Our first episode for 2012!

This episode is filled with 2 reviews, a neato preview, cool interview with Tristan on Project Float, trailers and a special feature. You do not want to miss this one!

Views: 6153
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Episode #26
Released 30/10/2011
Welcome to a fun new Halloween Episode of the Klikcast! The episode contains a special Halloween Feature and some cool reviews!

Views: 4562
Streaming: Yes

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Episode #25
Released 17/09/2011
We made it to Episode 25! I still cannot believe it myself! To celebrate I collected some footage from the past 25 episodes and put them all together for you.

Views: 4287
Streaming: Yes

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Episode #24
Released 20/08/2011
Episode 24 was debuted at the clickteam convention in front of a live audience! Join rikus when he tries to visit the convention!

Views: 4117
Streaming: Yes

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Episode #23
Released 23/07/2011
A new season for the klikcast brings some change and a quicker pace! With 4 reviews including our first Iphone review.

Views: 4401
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Episode #22
Released 23/12/2010
In this last Episode of the season we got lots of Holiday Cheer for you. Yes folks this is our annual Holiday Episode were viewers can submit their own Holiday Videos! And the Episode were you can see Rikus&Friends Dance!

Views: 4921
Streaming: Yes

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Episode #21
Released 20/11/2010
We welcome you to Klikcast Episode 21! In this episode you can check out a interview with Robert Dowling about his new game called Lylian

Our brand new fun reviewer Zephni reviews Castlevania the bloodletting!

and Chris Street goes all the way into Crystal Towers 2 by David Newton for a new preview of the game! (Oh and rikus is playing in the snow, wtf dude?

Views: 5097
Streaming: Yes

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Episode #20
Released 31/10/2010
We change things up a little, in this 20th Episode of the klikcast! Lots of reviews, a preview, trailer and some site news there is something (hopefully!) for everyone to enjoy!

Views: 5022
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Episode #19
Released 02/10/2010
A brand new Episode of the klikcast is here! We got lots of great stuff for you including:

- A great interview with Strife creator of the upcoming Fable Quest game!

- A very special Click Convention Exclusive, see some of the faces from our community at the convention! Reporter Chris Street is on the scene! Matthew Wiese is back with a quick look and much more!!

Views: 5133
Streaming: Yes

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Episode #18
Released 31/07/2010
Welcome to a brand new Season of the klikcast! We got a huge episode for you today including a interview with Josh and Paul about the making of Gungirl 2!

There are also new trailers, a walkthrough by Matthew Wiese and a new segment to enjoy called VS were 2 players from our community will battle it out together!! Be sure not to miss this season opener of the klikcast!

Views: 5584
Streaming: Yes

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