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New Poll: How long did it take you to complete the last game you posted to TDC?
News posted 1st July, 2024 by Joshtek Post A Comment

New poll for you to answer: How long did it take you to complete the last game you posted to TDC? 

Was the gap between the start of development and submission weeks, months, or years? Or have you yet to sublimit something to TDC?

If you want to start making a game but don't have the tools then you are in luck as Clickteam are running a Summer Sale on Steam, the Clickteam Web Shop, and until the 11th of July.

Oh, and Switchy Train is now available on The Reactor and looks pretty cool:

In other news, I added 50 English and French games to Kliktopia that were contributed by Capitaine Caverne:

Oh, and in a forthcoming post post to The Daily Click I will include a round-up of project updates, so now is a good time to update us on your progress!

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C&C game poll results & other news
News posted 25th June, 2024 by Joshtek Post A Comment

And the results are in... people's favourite Click & Create / Multimedia Fusion demo game is.... Magic Maths by Merlyn Lear!

Merlyn also develoepd Magician's Lair (which you might remember from my interview with Ishmaru inspired the art style you see in his games such as Synthetic Onslaught) and the Vitalzie! Bat & Ball and Fruit Machine games.

The votes were pretty evenly spread, with Magic Maths getting 3, Chocobreak and Urban Attack Force each getting 2 and Orbit and Solitaire each getting a vote.

You can download all the games as part of Kliktopia's Clickteam Game Demo Collection. Thanks to Clickteam for allowing us to release them all!

Speaking of Click & Create, over on the forums long time lurker Silver has posted on the forum to share a fantastic photo of their collection, which includes a copy of Klik & Create box by Europress:

In other news:

New games: XtremeSkier 21 and The Customer Pack
News posted 25th May, 2024 by Joshtek 1 Comment

XtremeSkier 21 by danjo

danjo of Acoders released Xtreme Skier back in around 2002 and Ski Xtreme in around 2004. Now it's time to return to the slopes with XtremeSkier 21, originally from 2021 but tweaked in 2022 and now put on The Daily Click in 2024. The demo is available for free with the full version (which unlocks the multiplayer mode amongst other things) sold for $2.99 USD (or more if you're feeling generous.

According to the author this game is: "Skiing Xtreme Style in retro pixel heaven."

Click here to download the application and read its comments

THE CUSTOMER PACK - Three Shovelware Games! by CoolPatilloGuy and CustomerOn

I kind of slipped this game into other news in the last post, so I thought I'd give it a proper write-up for this news post.

According to the author: "Another joke game featuring a friend of mine as usual. This is a compilation of three lame minigames where it has a shooter, a goofy CD-I Link The Faces of Evil/The Wand of Gamelon clone (even with cutscenes!) and a third minigame and if you have a Game Jolt account you can log in to get trophies!"

Click here to download the application and read its comments

Time to re-visit TDC Game of the Week 1-50
News posted 2nd May, 2024 by Joshtek Post A Comment

I've been going through the Game of the Week entries, fixing the links for games that still have entries. I've got through the oldest 50 games so far, and this resulted in my adding a number of games to Kliktopia so that I could then fix a broken link at TDC. So, now's a great time to check out the back catalogue on the last 4-5 pages of the GOTW section!

To celebrate this process, let's take a look at the first five games to win GOTW.

GOTW #1 - Teen Squad 2 by TeenSoft

"STORY: After saving the world so many times, Teen Squad became really famous. Jake became a superstar, and was corrupted by fame. Now a really arrogant and selfish guy, he spends all his time giving interviews and showing up in all the tabloids. The squadron, once united, is now separated. And,of course, Robotech will take some advantage of this! With a new robotic army, the evil robot captures the Teen Squad members, one by one. Will our heroes be able to save the world this time? The answer depends on YOU!"

Click here to download the application and read its comments

GOTW #2 - Gravitorb by Duncan Fenn

"Gravitorb is one of those gravity-affected space shooter games. It involves navigating a little spaceship around some planetary landscapes, shooting turrets and baddies, collecting gems/powerups, while constantly fighting against the force of gravity. You can land your spaceship on any flat surface, provided the angle and velocity are just right. The gameplay is difficult, and frustrating, but masterable in such a way that you will (probably) really enjoy yourself! The game features 15 puzzly levels (with a save feature), and also a two player deathmatch with 10 arenas."

Click here to download the application and read its comments

GOTW #3 - SimSheep 2.2 by Stian K (Insane Arts)

"SimSheep2 is a game which let you take control over the life of a sheep. You have to make sure that your sheep is living a good life by providing him food, giving him friends and much more. The game is very advanced, so every action you perform, will have effect on your sheep’s life."

Click here to download the application and read its comments

GOTW #4 - Bamboo Dragon Warrior by Ben and Seth (Mouldy Old Productions)

"SimSheep2 is a game which let you take control over the life of a sheep. You have to make sure that your sheep is living a good life by providing him food, giving him friends and much more. The game is very advanced, so every action you perform, will have effect on your sheep’s life."

Click here to download the application and read its comments

GOTW #5 - Alien Apocalypse 2 by Nocturnsoft

"Space Shooter Action at it's best like you know it from those famous 'R-TYPE' or 'RAPTOR' titles.

You are called for help in order to prevent Earth once again from being invaded by an unknown bizarre and nasty alien species."

Click here to download the application and read its comments

In other Klik news:

New: re15ster chat and Stage Tower 2
News posted 22nd April, 2024 by Joshtek Post A Comment

We've got two entries from re15ster.

re15ster chat

Acccording to the author: "it's online chat game. (Lacewing Relay Client)".

I checked it out and confirm that it does have chat functionality. Not sure how it is a game, though.

Click here to download the application and read its comments

Stage Tower 2

According to the author: "A short very difficult platformer game. You must pass 10 stages."

You'll definitely need to using your double jump for this game!

Click here to download the application and read its comments

In other Click news

  • Read about how CoolPatilloGuy got into Klik
  • Help ArticunoX decide on a name for their game
  • Check out even more games added to Kliktopia, including Dungeon Dash (inc. source) by Assault Andy and Jess Bowers
  • The commercial Click platformer game YARG is part of the Palestian relief bundle on YARG is: "a platformer where a kind and friendly AI cheers you on through extremely difficult tests designed to test the limits of human determination and patience. It believes in you! Don't fail it!"
  • Commercial lick game Gunlocked has some new DLC on Steam called 'The 2nd Gunning'. Gunlocked is: "A twin stick shooter without the twin stick, Gunlocked is a sci-fi action roguelike about careful positioning and upgrade selection. Manage unique targeting systems across multiple weapons and upgrades, as you battle legions of alien ships, and then do it all over again!
  • Click game Boons & Burdens has had some updates on Steam too
  • Clickteam will be publishing 'Lone Fungus' on Epic Games on May 3rd. It is: "A handcrafted open-world platformer set in a world built by Mushrooms! Explore different locations filled with secrets, acquire new abilities and use those abilities to reach new places!
  • parker8ball has been posting Clickteam Fusion 2.5 development streams to twitch and YouTube

Oh, and don't forget to vote in the poll 'What is your favourite Click & Create / Multimedia Fusion demo game? (see right)

New poll: Favourite C&C/MMF Demo Game
News posted 16th April, 2024 by Joshtek Post A Comment

That's right, it's time for a new poll: What's your favourite game bundled with Click & Create and Multimedia Fusion?

Romeo is king of K&P demo games, but is its sequel your favourite follow-up? Would you rather take Orbit or Chocobreak? Is Magic Maths a worthy follow-up to Hungry Hedgehogs? Does Racing Line 2 get first place? Or would you rather go with Urban Attack Force, the inspiration of DC's mascot Mitch? While you think about it, play a nice game of Solitaire.

Check out all the games and let us know your thoughts through your voting and your comments!

Download Click demo games

Click here to download Kliktopia's Clickteam Game Demo Collection.

Click news round-up
News posted 7th April, 2024 by Joshtek Post A Comment

I have produced for you a tasty collection of updates from the across the Clickverse. Enjoy!

TDC newss:

Other Click updates:

  • Ishmaru is continuing to work on his RWBY fangame Ruby: Huntress of the Vale
  • Wacku has published an updated version of EncycloFusion GET, an archive that currently features Click & Create extensions but that will soon feature Multimedia Fusion 1.x extensions. For MMF 2 objects you can still use the Darkwire Extension List.
  • Dust & Discovery is now available on The Reactor (Clickteam's Patreon): "Time to get your tools and do some digging, Let's find what archaeology secrets are deep with in the earth. In this example dig deep in a pseudo 3d rendered world to find lost artifacts. Then open up the source in Clickteam Fusion and see how it works!".
  • Various other content previously on the ClickStore has also been uploaded to The Reactor, which is handy as the ClickStore is currently down. UrbanMonk reported on the TDC forums that Kisguri has said that Clickteam are working on restoring the ClickStore.
  • Clickteam have published Vermitron on Android and iOS. Deescription: "They're coming! Get ready to defend your lovely flower from invading insect! Prepare your bug spray, call your holo-pet, fortify your base and don't forget your mission: find the watering-can! Vermitron is a retro-styled arcade twin-stick shooter with tower defense elements inspired by the classic titles like Robotron, Smash TV, Gauntlet or Pssst from ZX Spectrum."
  • Clickteam have started posting Click Tips again. These are short tutorials of doing basic stuff in Clickteam Fusion.

Kliktopia update:

See the latest additions to Kliktopa

New Game: Super Retro Kid (DEMO RELEASE)
News posted 6th April, 2024 by Joshtek Post A Comment

CoolPatilloGuy, who you might know from Squary the Squarer in Snow Square has now brought us: Super Retro Kid (DEMO RELEASE). Have fun playing this platformer, just don't blame me if the music gets stuck in your head!


Comments from the Author: "Some Super Mario clone featuring an old character I used to use back when I was a kid, it's quite quirky so I apologize SPECIALLY with some of the levels from the second zone (but in case you get stuck or in doubt, check out the INFORMATION DEMO.txt file!).  Yeah I know it is awful to use the Hotel Mario music for this, but hey at least not only I stole the music but also the gimmick for the second zone!!! (and so, FOR THE REST OF ZONES HAHAHAHA!!!! except for the fifth one)
Enjoy how bad this game is!! Although in case of criticism please be respectful, thank you. As it is a Super Mario clone it plays the same as a 2D Mario game."

Click here to download the application and read its comments

New application: Fractals
News posted 24th March, 2024 by Joshtek Post A Comment

MinkoedZamorVedro, the mind behind games such as Hryak Legend and Elder Mage, has brought us a new application: Fractals.

Comments from the Author: "ATTENTION!!! THIS APP CAN HURT YOUR EYES - I've made some fractals on Clickteam 2.5. Actually, it's just a practice, because soon i'll try to make something like this on C++. Clickteam's fractals don't look beautiful (like fractals you've used to see), but i believe it's the best Clickteam can allow. You can choose between 4 fractals: Mandlebrot Set, Julia Set (my personal favorite), Newthon Set, and My custom set (I was just messing around with different functions). You can change their quality and enable/disable colors. Changing quality to higher numbers will slow down simulation, but will make it look cooler. Press enter to quit the simulation."

I tried it out and the name definitely fits. It can create fractals, fractals, and (spoiler alert) more fractals. You might want to avoid this software if you have photosensitive epilepsy, though.

Click here to download the application and read its comments

Poll results: Romeo is the best Klik & Play demo game!
News posted 15th March, 2024 by Joshtek 2 Comments

Gracillis V had an early lead but the Klik & Play game that was voted the best by the most TDCers? Take that prize, Romeo!

The votes mostly went to these two games... but Hungry Hedgehogs and Reversi got a prize each. According to one commenter, they learnt a lot from studying Reversi's events.

To celebrate Romeo let's take a look at the original platform game and a number of games it has inspired in broadly chronological order...

Romeo (1994) by Barney Skirvin and Richard Gale

The original! According to the instructions: "The object of the game is to rescue Juliet from the pie devil (Simple, eh?). You must collect the keys to open the relevant doors, avoiding the onslaught of descending pies to get to Juliet. There are five levels, each one proving a greater challenge than the last. Good luck! PS. One last tip. Avoid water at all costs!"

You can check it out as part of Kliktopia's Clickteam Game Demo Collection.

Romeo and Juliet 2 (1996) by Richard Gale, Nolan Worthington and Julian Harding

This version was bundled with Click & Create and later Multimedia Fusion. It has large characters and a small window and only 3 levels, but gets quite a bit of content out of it thanks to the introduction of scrolling.

In the game, Juliet is sometimes called "the princess". This is perhaps a reference to the original game sprite for Juliet being called princess. Historical note: In the original Shakespeare version, Juliet is the daughter of Lord Capulet rather than a princess.

In terms of the credit split Richard Gale did the programming, Nolan Worthington & Julia Harding did the graphics, and Lee Bamber did additional programming.

You can check it out as part of Kliktopia's Clickteam Game Demo Collection.

Romeo 2: Live Free or Pie Hard (2010) by Mr. Podunkian (Arhur Lee)

Interpeted by some as a gentle and/or mean-spirited dig at the price of a popular game whose name begin and ends with V, this game features some adult (or is that childish?) humour, and was made for the Ladies' Auxiliary Klik of the Month Ball #5. Check this game out over at Glorious Trainwrecks.

Romeo vs. The Pie Devil: The Rhythm Game (2011) by Chris Nimmo

According to the Author: "A silly music game made in 30 minutes for Shab's TDC competition". This game featured in Klikcast Episode 23 (play the video above) and while the original download link is long gone a backup is hosted on Glorious Trainwrecks.

Romeo 3 (before 2018) by The MPP (Morgan Pander)

According to the author: "This is an old game I made a while back. It's not that great but should be able to give a few laughs to some of the people who played the old Romeo games. The Pie Devil has kidnapped Juliet once again! Now it's up to Romeo (you) to save her!". Check it out at The Daily Click.

Better Romeo (2021) by Mustafa-

A remake with various improvements... and full source code! According to the author: "Romeo was one of the OG pre-bundled games with KnP, it was a simple platformer game which the main goal is to rescue Juliet (yeah it really is), while you at it there are some obstacles and whatnot. Though OG Romeo had some really bad bugs, you can even say it is unplayable! That's why I decided to 'Remake' it from a blank MFA". Check it out at The Daily Click.

Infinite Romeo - Pie in the Sky (2022) by Danni

Co-winner of my Hi-score Mash-up Game Jam, according to the author: "Did you ever want to play the original Klik & Play example game 'Romeo' forever? No? Well, now you can! Enjoy endless generated levels of breezy platforming and more pies than you could ever eat!". Check it out at The Daily Click.

Romeo Burger Quest (2023) by Klikguy (Leo)

According to the author: "Pick up the burgers, and shoot the enemies (DON'T SHOOT THE BURGER, OR YOU WILL LOSE HALF THE POINTS!!!). If you take too long to pick up the hamburger, a vampire will appear and if it touches you, you will lose the game". Check it out on Glorious Trainwrecks.

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