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A-Z of Click #1: A is for Active Object
News posted 14th May, 2022 by Joshtek 1 Comment

My A-Z of Click series has begun with its inaugural article: A is for Active Object. Check it out for a celebration of Click games, developers and trivia that start with the letter 'a'. If it is your cup of tea then let me know and I might make an entry for 'B' some day. The main focus of this article is charting the history of the Active Object from its early days of Klik & Play all the way through to the modern day.

In other news, PolyGonGames has released a The Shooter DEMO, a top down game where you kill the bad guys (presumably by shooting them).

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Want to be interviewed? Get in touch!
News posted 2nd May, 2022 by Joshtek Post A Comment

The 'What would you like to see next?' poll had 40 responses. The most popular choice was 'interviews with TDC game creators' with 16 votes (40%). After the interview I did with Ishmaru people have asked for more, but it takes two to tango.

If you are someone who is actively making Click games and posting them to The Daily Click then I want to talk with you. If you're interested in being interviewed then send me a DC mail, email me via or send a message over Discord (after finding me on the Kliktopia Discord).

The second most popular poll option was 'Articles discussing old Klik games' (38%), followed by an almost even number of votes for 'Random Click trivia' (13%), and 'Guess game from scrambled screenshot competitions' (10%).

My plan is to mix all of these elements together with a series of article themed around 'the A-Z of Click'. Statting with 'A', each article will focus on games, developers, random trivia and maybe a scrambled screenshot starting with the letter. If you have any 'A's you'd like me to consider covering in my first article then let me know via the comments.

Clickteam previews Fusion 2.5 Update 294
News posted 23rd April, 2022 by Joshtek 6 Comments

Following a few days of hyping on social media and Clickteam's Discord Server, the company have revealed their preview video showing the upcoming Clickteam Fusion 2.5 build 294:

Check out the comment to this news post for the full list of features listed by Clickteam. Headline improvements include a fully customizable UI / Skin Editor, value reordering, better DPI handling, an 'include another frame option', and various UI options and other features that will improve the development experience.

Here on The Daily Click we've got a new download: Pop Rock 'N' Roll DEMO, an action game by Tammy Spahn in which you pop balloons with your mouse.

And the Kliktopia archive continues to grow, with 54 games added to the site thanks to contributions from Aquellex. Have any old freeware Click games you made or downloaded lying around on your hard drive or a CD? Kliktopia would love to get a hold of them! In other Kliktopia news, the Kliktopia Vitalize page now lists the top scores so it's a great time to re-live some V-Cade classics!

Happy Easter from TDC
News posted 17th April, 2022 by Joshtek 2 Comments

Want to play some Easter-themed Click games? Check out:

Speaking of Easter, are there any 'easter eggs' in Click games that you remember fondly (hidden zones, features, cheat codes, references, etc.)? Have you put any easter eggs in your own games? If you check out Andi's 2002 interview with Charles Tumino about the click classic Destruction Carnival for Planet Klik you'll find out how to access the secret easter egg of... a pong clone called Vector Ball. That's right, it's been hiding there this whole time!

A DC dev interview with Ishmaru
News posted 11th April, 2022 by Joshtek 2 Comments

Check out the first of The Daily Click's Developer Interviews where I meet TDC member #37199, more commonly known as Ishmaru, the creator of Synthetic Onslaught, Temple of Magic, and Ruby: A RWBY Fangame.

Adrian shares his game-making journey, advice for fellow developers, and more!

...and after you've watched the interview you can head over to his Krazy Keet Games Discord channel to continue the discussion.

Three new games!
News posted 8th April, 2022 by Joshtek Post A Comment

Three new games have been added to The Daily Click for you to enjoy:

  • A 10-level demo of Flight of the Blazing Sparrow Hawk, an action game by Indigo Steel Shield with crystal destroying goodness.
  • Elder Mage, an RPG by MinkoedZamorVedro about very old mage whose village was attacked by.
  • Temple of Magic (pictured right), an adventure game by Ishmaru where you find the seven magic chalices and unlock the gates to Eden.

New game + TDC policy on commercial games
News posted 4th March, 2022 by Joshtek Post A Comment

In terms of freeware games, MinkoedZamorVedro has provided us with Elder Mage Demo.

We also have a new commercial release to tell you about, which is Flight of the Blazing Sparrow Hawk by Indigo Steel Shield which is available via the ClickStore,, and Gamejolt for the low price of around $2.

We've been seeing a lot more non-freeware indie games. As such, we thought we'd create an article which explains The Daily Click's policy on commercial games.

In short, for a game to be on our downloads page it needs to be freeware or to have a free-to-play version (e.g. a demo) but if you are free to make a forum post about your commercial game or ask for it to be featured in a new article.

Join the SmileyHouse reunion!
News posted 4th February, 2022 by Joshtek 3 Comments

Code6 has announced another SmileyHouse reunion, so grab the game at and join Code6 and others for the SmileyHouse Meetup on Feb 6th, 2022 at 3pm Eastern - dont' forget to join Code6's CouchGame Discord to chat while you play!

SmileyHouse screenshot
SmileyHouse is an online RPG made in MMF 1.5 (with a Jamagic-based server) which was active between 2002 and 2004. Code6 was the developer but various Clickers (including myself) provided ideas and content.

Click here to read an account of the September 2019 Reunion.

An onslaught of Click games!
News posted 29th January, 2022 by Joshtek Post A Comment

I hope you have some time to play, as a real bounty of new Click games have been released!

First off, two new games have been submitted to The Daily Click:

  • Synthetic Onslaught, an anime-themed real time strategy game by Ishmaru (pictured).
  • Bixi'z OdysseY, a platformer by Jabber which will only be free for a few mores days (and will then be only available commercially)

Ishmaru has helpfully provided a video so you can check out what Synthetic Onslaught is like:

If you have been following Clickteam Clickteam's Twitter account then you may have heard that they are currently running The Matrice gamejam on The prizes are pretty sweet, and entries are due by the 23rd of February (or 24th depending on your timezone) so you still have 25 days left to get creating!

Want to see what can be accomplished in half an hour? Head over to Clickteam's YouTube channel to check out the many great entries to Clickteam's 30 Minute Game Creation competition. Or, if you want to check out what can be done on the professional end, Clickteam has posted a showcase for their professional game conservation service.

Speaking of commercial games, you may be interested to know that Velocity Noodle is now available on Steam. It is a cool-looking commercial Clickteam Fusion 2.5 cyberpunk-theme game.

20 years of TDC, a thank you post :)
News posted 14th January, 2022 by Rikus 15 Comments
I was going to reply to the excellent news post from Josh below but the reply got a bit out of hand so here we are :)

Joshtek! Your post brought back so many memories. Lets do a thank you round here! First lets thank ChrisD for coding that first version after I told him the only way the daily click could work if it was interactive and he did a great job bring it to life. And lets also thank Clubsoft because without him The Daily Click would not have been here at all either, after many server crashes in 2002 and Chris being busy, Clubsoft re-coded the entire site from scratch, not an easy thing to do. He also added many new features like we never had the forums before and the DC point system was added and many other pages. The Daily click would not have survived if Clubsoft did not step in when he did. And he kept adding new items, even when i kept bugging him about stuff he always was friendly and listened to my crazy requests. So lets also say a big thank you to him, after all these years he is still taking care of the site.

Also while we are at it lets also thank all the other admins and coders who came over the years. (Mike) Shadowcaster who also helped with the coding and helped us find another new host after our older host went down. great post here about this:
On this link right here

Lets also including Andi and Flava with the coding, big thank you to them. Then we have our awesome Admins over the years: Chris Street, Pete Nattress, Shab, Wong, Muz, Assault Andy, Jon Lambert, Old Man Clayton (OMC!) Robert you all have helped keeping the site going and Chris and Shab kept chucking out news posts every day for years. I bow to you sirs!

And of course lets give a huge thank you to Joshtek, who has done so many things for the site. Keeping it alive these years with his awesome news posts, compo's and running Kliktopia! He has been doing such a great job and has done so many great things for the site, lets also give him a around of applause!

And then there is you, the people who uploaded games, written a comment or a review, voted in the polls, the site never could have worked without you. So sorry if I forgot anyone, I just wanted to thank everyone who has every worked on the site or just visited, you all mean so much to me. Thank you :) Ps. I also feel i grew up with the site, I am not perfect and I learned so much from each and every one of you, I made mistakes and hopefully learned from them, you would always let me know. In the end I am so proud of the site and what it has become because of you. I am still cheery me just a bit older and wiser and yes some grey hairs popped in also, lol. :) Again, thank you for visiting the site and interacting with it, Love you all! Rikus

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