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December GOTM winner & next gaming session
News posted 23rd February, 2021 by Joshtek 1 Comment

Congratulations to the undead slayer 2 demo by LordHannu which was voted December 2020's Game of The Month. There were lots of great contenders, so check them all out alongside the most recently submitted game on the TDC Downloads page.

In response to popular demand, I'm announcing the next Klik online gaming session earlier this time. It is scheduled for Saturday the 20th of March 2020 from 4pm GMT (click to see it in your timezone). If you want to take part then check out the expanded selection of online games on Kliktopia and join the Kliktopia Discord

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Online multiplayer Klik gaming session
News posted 5th February, 2021 by Joshtek 10 Comments

How to take part in the Kliktopia online gaming session:

  1. Check when 4:30pm GMT Saturday is in your timezone.
  2. Download the multiplayer games from Kliktopia.
  3. Join the Kliktopia Discord.
  4. Tell your Klik friends!

Game of the Month and other news
News posted 17th January, 2021 by Joshtek Post A Comment

Well done to BALD MAN by Devid K, which was voted November's Game of the Month. Devid re-joins us for the December GOTM, with the full line-up being:

In addition to these games recently added to The Daily Click, hundreds of games have been added to Kliktopia over this month, including a number which were archived from The Daily Click. Thanks to everyone who contributed old games to be preserved.

And finally, I have the sad announcement to make that beloved and longstanding member of the Click community Paul Boland passed away on the 14th of January. There is a thread for Paul Boland on the Clickteam forum where people have been sharing their memories of Paul.

Vote for November 2020 GOTM!
News posted 4th January, 2021 by Joshtek 2 Comments

Congratulations to DIAREGNUM: Chrono Hunter by hellzy which has been voted as Game of the Month for September/October 2020.

Now you can decide between two very different types of platform game for November GOTM:

  • BALD MAN, a hard parkour platformer with some puzzle elements made by Devid K.
  • Lucid Dreams 2, a 2D Collectathon Platformer made by MonadoBoy64.

I have made a video showing off the nominated games:

Merry Christmas from The Daily Click
News posted 24th December, 2020 by Joshtek 1 Comment

Merry Christmas from The Daily Click!

What's your favourite festive Click game? Check out the newly expanded selection of Christmas Click games at Kliktopia and let us know. Classics include Merry Gear Solid, Freddie Trims a Tree, Santasm, The Elf Brothers and Santaman 2.

Also, feel free to take part in the Christmas celebration thread on the DC forums.

GOTM for September/October
News posted 19th December, 2020 by Joshtek Post A Comment

You can now vote for the best games released in September and October. Try out the following and choose your favourite:

Want another video showing gameplay footage of the game? Well you're in luck!

If you're not doing so already, you can ensure you never miss a TDC post by following @DailyClick on Twitter.

New games and old
News posted 14th December, 2020 by Joshtek 2 Comments

Well done to Hayo for getting Game of the Month #374 with the platform game Fishhead: Blueprint - Demo.

Two new platform games on The Daily Click are:

Meanwhile, Kliktopia has 94 additional games, bringing its collection to 2,055 games and applications. There has also been the launch of the Kliktopia Christmas games section. Is the list missing any classic Clickmas games? Let us know!

Finally, you can join the discussion on the forum on what you think are the best Click games of all time.

New Games & August GOTM
News posted 2nd December, 2020 by Joshtek 2 Comments

It seems to be sequel season. The latest submissions to The Daily Click are:

  • Area 51 Weeb Defense 2.22 by Ghost Data Media. This is sequel to the tower defence game inspired by the Area 51 Raid in 2019
  • The Unicycle Adventure 2, a platformer by Kendall Currie. Ride around on your unicycle and obtain important flags (again).
  • BALD MAN, a by Devid K. A hard parkour platformer with some puzzle elements.
  • Lucid Dreams 2, a 2D collectathon platformer by MonadoBoy64.

You can now vote for the best games released in August. Choose between the following:

  • Fishhead: Blueprint - Demo, a platformer game by Hayo: "Help Fishhead retrieve the stolen blueprint in a new colourful platformer!"
  • DDAY WARS, an action game by James Luke: "Soldiers triumph war battle fight kill murder dearth"
  • Capsule Savior, a platformer game by Guerra: "Collect pills and try to survive in this strange platform game"
  • Area 51 Weeb Defense 1.11, a tower defence game by Ghost Data Media: "They announced when they were arriving...That was their greatest mistake!"

Want a video with a video of all of the August GOTM contenders? We've got you covered!

July GOTM Winner + Halloween content
News posted 31st October, 2020 by Joshtek 4 Comments

Congratulations to James Luke for winning Game of the Month #373 with Soldier Men 2. Thanks to everyone who submitted games.

Kliktopia has added a number of games to its archive and has launched a page for Halloween games.

Kliktopia has also released Klik & Replay Episode #1 - Halloween Games on YouTube, which follows in the tradition of The Daily Click's Klikcast. Happy Halloween everyone!

GOTM June Winner + July Polls
News posted 13th September, 2020 by Joshtek 6 Comments

The winner of June's Game of the Month (#372) is Dungeon of Fears by LordHannu

We have now started voting for July's Game of the Month. The contenders are:

We also have a new poll, asking how many Klik games you have purchased. This excludes example games but includes games you specifically paid for (e.g. Five Nights at Freddy's or Spud's Quest), Humble Bundle games and voluntary donations to authors. Some commercial Klik games are listed at Clickteam's Indie Game Creator's page. Feel free to talk about your favourites in the comments!

In other news, Picture Me This Round #50 is underway and Kliktopia is up to 1,847 entries!

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