Hello Fellow Clickers. I know it says im a newbie, but I have been clickin for 3 years... so ya. Well Im here to talk about Mods on click games. You dont see this much, or at all!

What is a mod you ask? A mod is an edited version of a program made by another person. Like for Half- Life They gave away the source and tons of Mods came out! Like ounter Strike and team fortress online. With Click products though, we cant realese the source, because there may b other clickers who dont have click products so how would we do it?

Well, A Mod for a click game would be like Putting all the graphics as Jpegs, in a folder that anyone whol downloads the game can see, and if they want.. edit. A mod for a click game would also have all the settings in an Ini File, like. What kind of weapons, the shot power, Gravity, Stuff like that.

Well, It was a pretty lame article, but im really tired, so i hope you like it... and i would really like to see more mod games from click products... get the community involved in one game