A game is based on 'Overall Gameplay'. In Daily Click's reviews, are there six things that the games are based on:
1. Presentation
2. Gameplay
3. Graphics
4. Sound and Music
5. Lastability
6. Overall

1. The Presentation.
As you certainly know so are all the peoples 'game taste' different. I'll like to split they in two parts; the part that care about presentation, and needs a reason to kill. And the part that don't care for the Presentation, and kill for fun.
But anyway so is it always a + to make a good story/Presentation to the game. Because many people care more about the story/Presentation than the Graphics, Sound and Music, and the Gameplay.
But a story can be fun to make, for example one day you sit in your chair and think of a game that you're going to make, and then you come up with a greate story. The story can be crazy; it can contain thinks that other people can't think of. You don't need to publish the game with the weird story, but you can make it just for fun, and you can sit there and play it for yourself, or you can save it and then later when you are planning to make a game, combine with an other story.
So you understand, a story don't need to be boring to make, just test it in your game, and one day when one of your buddies sees it, they say WOW this is awesome!
But there are some peoples that don't like to make storeys, and thatís OK. But then the Graphics Sound and Music, and the Gameplay must be much better.
Cause it's boring to play a game were you can't see what your really are doing.

2. The gameplay.
The gameplay is wery often needed to be good. When have you the perfect gameplay? Well here's an example-> If you have a greate gameplay, and it's so fun to play that the players doesn't notice the other stuff in the game that are not so good, then you've done it! Thatís the best gameplay that are possible!
But again, it's almost impossible to make an perfect gameplay because, all have different taste.

3. The Graphics
The Graphics doesn't necessarily need to be good. Here is and advice; never mention if your graphic is good in your game, here is why-> some peoples do something wrong; they expect that the graphic shall be good, but then when they play the gameÖ. They just hate it, and thatís because they had too much expectations to it.
And one thing more; NEVER RIP GRAPHICS, or use the libary thatís just your game look stupid an unprofessional. And all people like something new, make graphic that donít looks like and other games graphic. If you come up with a new Ďtypeí of graphic then thatís a big +.

4. Sound and Music
Sound and Music are important, have you ever tried to play a game without Sound and Music, its VERY boring. Can you imagine ĎThe Matrixí (movie) without sounds. Try turning the speakers down next time you watch the movie and a fighting scene comes, it doesnít looks like that characters are hitting each other. So the sounds are very important in a movie and a game. The music are also important, have you ever watch an Bruce Lee movie? Thereís no background music, it makes the movie boring. A good background music itís when you canít hear it. (Sorry for just using movies as examples.)
Itís also smart to often change the music, it donít need to be much just a little so the peoples can hear it.

5. Lastability.
I must say that Lastability is the most important in a game. (But thatís me) Because it isnít fun to play a game that the same thing over again. And the game must have changing areas. Like snow world and swamp world in one game. But it must not be to much of each thing in one place, like 15 snow levels, you can cut it down to 5-7 levels. (But if the level contains big different then you donít need that)
You must also have much different stuff on your level.

6. Overall
So you can seeÖ itís impossible to make an perfect game!

Sorry about my bad English. And thanks for reading