Hi there folks how are ya all doing here on the dc Just to let you all know last month on March the 6th it was the daily click's third anniversary. Wow 3 years and still going strong, who knew that the site could grow into something this big. The very, very first dc was a non interactive .html site with games and reviews. When the site was lost and chrisd brought me a petition list of people who wanted the site back i told chris that the only way to bring the site back was to make it interactive like the click cafe at the time, and with the help of him the second interactive version of the dc was born. This was still not the version as you all know it now. This version which many people refer to as dc1, did not have many of the cool stuff it has now but it was the building base for the current dc. And then -drummroll- the second dc was born! The "yellow" version as many of you still know it. Also created by Chrisd. After the yellow version the dc was improved once again and with the help of clubsoft (who coded this new version from scratch) transformed into the version you are looking at today. Clubsoft got some help after it was build from Shadowcaster and Andi who made improvements to the site. And that's where we are today, the "blue" version of the site. Aint it nice I thank you all so much for still visiting the site, i still remember when the site was still new there where days when there was no forum activity or any games submitted, often i would post in the forums by myself or post games i found from other places to keep the site going, because i believe that when you are making a community site you should keep updating the site, even if its not popular yet. I'm sorry that i'm not as active on the dc as i used to be, i'm now focusing most of my little free time on the clickisland <-- shameless plug And my new house is also a great time spender. (yes i did get married and have my own place now and have to pay my own bills.. damn i feel so old now Heck i even turn my computer off at night now so it will save on my electric bill, yikes! who knew i would ever do that I remember when i started clickin back in the day when i was around the age of 14/15.

So what's for the future of dc, well we are planning on making yet another new version of the dc that will of course be better then this one and with a new design as well. But since i suck at coding in asp (i am getting the hangs of php now, yay for me) shadowcaster, clubsoft and andi have to handle that one. I do have some coolio new ideas for the future version of the dc that i will of course pass on to them. Shadowcaster and all the other great admins have been doing a great job in my opinion so far and i'm sure they will continue to do so. In the near future however i am planning on changing the top bar, while its nice to look at i love to keep refreshing things after a while so as soon as i have a moment i will change the top bar. (Remember when the dc's top banner got changed every month..ahhh good times Anyhow i just wanted to thank everyone for still visiting the dc, if you are new to the site or have been here for the 3 years, i thank you. We can only get better from here because of you. Thanks guys, you rock!

Oh yea and here is a cool picture from the dc 2 years ago: