Ok, this article is in response to numerous questions I have been asked regarding getting your game on the front page. None of you who have been around here for a while should need to read any further than this.

1. Screenshots - Unless the game is of really high quality, if it doesn't have screenshots in the download, it won't make it on the homepage. When taking screenshots, if you only have room to put one image up, make it an in-game shot instead of a title screen shot.

2. Host it on a decent server - If your game is hosted on Geocities or someplace similar, chances are, it won't get added, as very few people will be able to download your game before you hit your bandwidth limit. Use the search DC button on the left and search for good hosting in the forums and articles, it should turn up a few decent hosts.

3. Decent Description - Now if it's a Pong game or something similar, then you obviously don't need a huge description, but you may want to put in information like; number of levels, number of weapons, a little story (if your game has one). Always good to say where you drew inspiration from too, ex. I got the idea for this game while playing Counter-Strike.

4. No This is the greatest game ever made in the description, I have seen this happen, and the results are not very friendly at all, especially if it's a Mario fangame with the standard platform engine and riped graphics.

5. DC Mailing Admins will usually not help your game get the frontpage, as this fills our inboxes quite quickly, and I can assure you, they are quite full already.

6. Check the download over after you submit it, check spelling, make sure your link works, and if you have to right click and save as to download the game, be sure you point that out, otherwise you'll get many people who can't download your game.

7. Downloads are not added instantanously, an admin has to approve them before they are added, but if you follow the above guidelines, the changes of your game getting the frontpage are greatly improved.

Any questions, post them here, and I'll answer them.