Hey! It's your'e fruity advisor! NastyMan!

Ever wanted to know how to get cool fresh new sounds for your games other than just using the common ones or the midget speaking that is used by your general Soundrec?

Few tricks and tips are here!

First trick, For people who need famine voices!!! (And strange yells)----
Ever got into Yahoo's Chat? Goodie Than! It's a good ant trap to catch some female voices in it's voice chat!
Can't fake your voice? No problem! Just pick on of these chat boxes that people use microphones and start recording these gals!

-Well, In your Icon tray list of working program, choose the option of sound, the icon of the yellow amplifier/loudspeaker or the gray one in XP... Click on it.
-Then, when you get the master volume screen which you can choose volume options and enable/disable devices choose options and then properties...
-where it is "written adjust volume for" choose "Recordings" and make sure that "Stereo mix" is checked. (In some cards there is an option to check "All" which let you record all channels at once.)
-Now, When you switched to recordings, choose ok. And you'll get a recording control options... To record from your microphone you can check that option, but if you want to record voices from chats and even other sounds played on your computer choose the "Stereo Mix" option! It will let you record every sound that is played on your computer including sounds from vocal chats!!! =
-Start hunting girls... In soundrec for Windows you have about 60 seconds to get a voice... It's boring some time but if you stay there enough you can catch a gal laughing, screaming, or doing strange gestures which can be perfect for your game! (Hehe. For being polite I suggest to tell the gal that you are stealing her voice for your game and maybe she will be glad to help you if the sucker won't get mad on you!)
-At the end of the process, mark the microphone option again if you want...
-You got yourself famine voices for your game without finding or paying a gal or an actress, or needing a favor from your girlfriend... =

Next trick, Famicom looking sounds without ripping from the Nes!!!
There was once (And still probably) a sound producing software called Orangator you could use, but you can just use the simple Modplug, which can be found here!
For people who know about mod plug, it is very good for producing game sounds too!
These files can be saved(Exported) as Wav files, and you can defind the quality of it and length of play by seconds and KB size, and then make final ajustment at Windows' Soundrec to delete parts from the sound file after the sample stops playing...

Here are some tricks!
Basically, Choose a "Saw Wave" sample/instument, or/and a "Square Wave" which are perfect for that!

1. Put several notes on the patern field... Define the right tempo, (Fast tempo can be good for blip sounds)
And you got a very simple bliping sound...

2. Next trick... Put several notes on the patteren field as there are gaps between them,... Each note has 4 lines for data, The 3'rd one is for volume, and the default is the loudest value of 64... Then, one row below the note that you placed, write value of 22 or 24 for the volume and one row below you can write a value of 00. You'll get a very pretty faded sound!

I know that if you are good a messing with instruments instead of samples you can get even better results by changing the nodes in the paths of the instruments depends on volume to get a neat "lode runner" style music tones! (Ow! Load Runner!)

3. Next one, Place these notes, define values for volume on the rows below, and... Since there are cool options in the forth line, You can define if the note goes higher tone or lower tone! Using it by writing in the first digit of 4'th line, the letter E to lower tone effect and F for higher tone effect! Next to it, write a very large value... Like E42 or F98... I suggest you to start using the effect one row below the note you were typing before.
Do it for other rows below the note until you'll get the most wanted results! In high values for the F effect it will sound like a groovey "Wheeze" sound of 1in64 game start! and for E effect it will sound like a lava ball, or a spaceship shot! (Pluck!)

4. Another groovey trick is the simple 3D echo effect for sounds!!!
Repeat Trick 2 for this effect. (Placing notes, and solely reducing it's volume) Then, Copy the notes to the next channel (You start with 16 Channels to make an Impulse Tracker).
When the same notes are copied to the next channel, make sure you place or paste them one or two rows farther... (So it will start from row 1 or 2 instead of row 0)
Redude the volume of the sample in the next channel to v32
instead of the default volume of 64. And in the rows you set to 22 or 24 change to 11 or 12... At the end you'll get a neat clear fadeout for your tune!!! It's even better than what you get at your general Soundrec and more so! You can define fading widely better!

5. Ever seen the J Effect? (Awww! It shakes the note you placed to sound similar to my mother when she coughs but abit cuter! J/K!!!)

You can improve exiting K&P sound by these effects! You can make neat fades or high their tone and even twist your voice, or make these gals you recorded a great fade!

One more obvious thing that I can say.
These who thinks that a microphone is expensive, I am sure you could find earphones with a mic. Or a Microphone without earphones in a very low price of 7$ to 15$...

If you want to be sure you want to record neat sounds make sure your microphone that you buy will have a frequence sound of 22,050Hz, But I'm sure that 16,000Hz is a decent standard too...

Anyway... I was a fool if I was recommand you to buy these sony earphones at a price of 50$! Wer'e Kliking! And not broadcasting in a stadium!

Well, Buy now!
Satisfaction garanteed!

That's all! You can blam me now!