This is mostly for IM stuff, But fits well for many forums and websites!

Got another standard or unentertaining avatar?
Have another text quote in your avatar that no-one's give a damn about? Well... Your avatars doesn't impress me smily guys!!! I don't found a bacon avatar with Meat Consumer text do it anymore... I am offended to see another sex joke that ends up with a painfull lesson, And I don't find hanged-men, and baby-killers entertaining as this:

Ways to makes your avatar into the mood!
Look at these:

Idea 1#: The Aura Avatar.
Yeah... wev'e seen it already in many flashy places...

This FF based avatars will demonstrate your current attitude toward others... Useful idea for RPG based forums if you also want to change Character Class... Fighters, magicians, ninjas & so on... You choose what to be, and what alliance you are up too? Is it neutral? dark? Or light? This time, it's for your avatar itself... Time for New-Grounds to sell the copy-rights for this idea... >=D

Idea 2#: Weather Avatar...
As long as the weather doesn't change allot in your country your avatar could be different in a sunny day, than when it's rain... Now go beat up the weathermen if their weather cast turn up falcious...

Idea 3#: Day&Night Time Avatars!
In the day your'e not the same as night...

We all thinks your'e nice when we see you in daytime
smiling towards everyone, kissing the pretty girls, and help the poors... What are you in the night? A Blood-Lust monster? A serial killer? A dangerous warewolf?

Have an IM? Show everyone who are you in the night!

Idea 4#: The time travel based!
Most innovative Sonic CD type avatars since everyone is in it's silly mood... When looking at your avatar at present time... Get to know when they will ruin your soul and corrupt you emotionally, or your life will get better instead and you'll turn all happy & shiny...
Past version
Good Futured
Bad Futured
I'ts the right way to show the other forum members what exactly they have done to you all these years and you just couldn't tell

Idea 5#: Elemental avatar!
Just as seen in my latest game...
Powered just like Bubble Girl, you could be able to defind what's your elemental power is today!
get it to be Icy, Burning fire, or Thrill with electricity, You take the virtual form!

Just don't get heated, chilled or electrified by the others anymore! Since your avatar now got the different powers of nature in!

Idea 6#: Level up avatar!
(Hoops! No pictures that time!)
So your'e alike of these Power warriors, space troopers and mutated chibies! upgrade your avatar to LV1, LV2 and LV3 avatars! Got in trouble? Got upset? Can't stand the assembling crowd, that chases you violently? Upgrade yourself into a more powerful version of you!
Level 2 is not enough? Now your'e mad! Get one level up!
This time it won't be that easy!

Idea 7#!!! Is it a Boy or Girl?
Feel your'e changing ya' sex all time?
Can't decide how you've been created inside!
You can be either boy version or girl version of you! You know what? You can be both! And no! You don't have to be a killer, like your father wanted!!!

Get these version of me, I drew on a paint bbs... Shame! Both deleted by the way!

Dad... I know you didn't want me to be a killer but your treatment & behave is just getting on my nerves!

You there! Anyway!
Throw away everything you've seen... Take off the box, shave the monkies, replace your axes and hammers... Leave behind your beloved ball shaped hero. and let's make a new innovative multiplied situation avatar!

That's the right time and situation to inform Clubsoft and DC team that a mood option for avatars should be cool!

Something like having three to five slots for moods that you could optionally define for your avatar... Under it you could write it's mood on text box E.G: Standard, mad, happy, future, Level 3, eating, sleeping, sick... it's up to the user... Take my Idea, because it is worth and innovative... You could be the first one!

And that's basically the whole idea... =