There's a small & a cool point that I tried to come up with, is the fact, that I was being upset by so many people around, well it's me... Or a unspeicified weed! I can't stand cigarates, It makes me feel mad when people smokes around me, (A reason for being fucked up when I tried to convert a mod file to midi for someone's project... Pardon me. I was evil.) I Also find ways to gain a profit from sells too, and when I try to make $$$, and see that it easily comes, I'm most of the time in a try to hunt as many cash as I can... Leaving a person like me with lots of spare sprites made on free time, with sound files, voice audioclips, and whatever else...

...Got me to come up with a solution for you all, these who got no click tool to program your own game... I too by so many of these interests in my life, like... Reaching an ability shooting fireballs or clouds out of my pocket, Not that I want to do so... It's seems too hot for me...! But, You know, I try to learn videogame movments in real life, because I got a really cool feeling... I think that I done pretty well so far as it seems to me... Anyway, it ends like having a videogame in hands, without the video game itself... Mostly bunch of noises, pixels, MS paint, sound files, Music audio or texts...

Just like you! The guys who don't have a click tool!

Sometimes it's what you considers the "too high" price that you can't afford, or the Credit Cards/Checks/Underoos/Grandma's bones, that you don't have to pay with... No offence... Are you from India, An Israeli, like Moi? or living on a high mountain far out from the civilization? Are the people around you didn't heard about MMF ever? Thinking it's the same as the so 1994 "catastrophy" so they don't sell it on the local mart?

Cool, That's why you got that artical... Listen! all people, who don't have MMF/TGF/TGF Pro but have a stuff for a desired game ready in your hand, means all: Plot/Music/Sprites... You are still needed here! Don't go anyware else with no intention of no return!

As same as: exsist for several needs of flash authors/C++ programmers, and the guys here, than you got something to do with your skills, so it won't go into (what they lie to us in school & telling us it is called) W.a.s.t.e... It's not! (Save your money for a bag of peanuts, it supports food manufacturers... Ghe & people calls this a waste...)

The point is, and now I'm into it, Seriously... If you guys think that you know what your'e doing... Into music, art, storywriting... DC is a place for you, even if you don't have TGF Pro/MMF Pro 2.0, since many of the so called starters, and even these who considered as pro, are intensly search for a person to co-oporate with... As I notice, they got the solitare club forum here... No really! It's a step before looking for a crackers bag or nice serial to patch, Well if not trying to do both... (Alarm, run away, alarm... Oh my... Heavens! mercy...! The cops! That big flying Red moogle ^&^...)

You too guys, as I claim, have nothing to worry about, actually, this article, stupid as it sound is about co-oporating, Having fun, World saving alteroism or Change-swap if not pure Egoism & self-interests, as we both have desires or actual needs to fullfill in our actual lives (Even you, money makers, which game producings is their jobs etc), can "hire" a person with the same interest of yours, that got it's stuff needed. Got the point!

I saw two main things that you define as "Problems":
Newbs (Also pronounced as Noobs, Thank you guys at Vikipedia...)
And Serial Killers(A.k.a murderers... When they see you trying to hack a program and gets mad on you, pulling a knife or a suing contract... These sooo "damn" peaches! oooooh... Urrrgh!)

I don't see any problem here, both want to make a game, both offer something, both can always draw awful for you , the guys here, but it doesn't matters, because it's not! & be sure to ask your local optimetryst...! Ka-Ching!!

Idea is basic... If your'e an artist, soundman, musician, even a story writer but don't have MMF/TGF/CNC/Jamagic, and want to make a game... Even if you do have a TGF but it's not a Pro version, I do recommand you a cool option to co-oporate with a mate who have it... I almost sure that there is no rule on law to forbid you to co-oporate with others, (Well, Surely Not yet! Doesn't? You evil money suckers? if any?) though they got the more expensive pro version, as they can add stuff of their own to your game, fix some bugs, add their own stuff + credits... Hey if you got something neat, you can be sure, that a pro version let you sell games too... As you got your game fixed, with cool new add ons by another guy who patch it, so now it's his creation too, that person which is like you, try to make a good game, but lacked the right code for it or basic idea... Both has abilities to make profit, if not together, then by selling your stuff, locally, in your town...

Here too, as the owner of the pro version, Got his uses for sprites that he got side away as a back-up save, in order to show the others, but didn't got the time or will to...

Someone needs your music, art or idea, so don't quit community! Your'e not an irritating Newb as they said(Or Noob, you Viki! J/K...!)

Theres no rule for not bringing children! They told men to have sex with their wives!

Get that! pointing at "noobs" & fighting them was for you, getting a good feel of "I'm better than him", As I seems it is... & Don't some of us here like to feel it? Might be! It can supply better amusment than good sex at times! Anyway, Stay here everyone! You too monks, Son of Judah & praists! As I say, wasn't a problem here, you people: Open a site for your art and stuff, asking people to do a favor for you, and use your stuff in their games... You do a big favor to other people if you function as a big sprite library, a sound archive, or even make other special orders for a specific desire or need!

And you! The guys who are blamed for being new, I saw sins which people consider much bigger, as they tend to call them theft & piracy! (Hhhhh! Say what!? Does it? Really?!?)

Be a life savior/An Ocassional Pain-in-the-neck/Your'e-title, you got yourself a deal with someone who might got the needed skill...

Noobs? Major code theft?
No... I don't see any problem here.

You've been lied as usual.

Now, should I get more sleep? I'm not the only one here you know! Give me some help!

If I didn't come up with anything new but art, music, or freaky stuff, then you know why... Well I do got MMF, so does the others... & though I am more useful as a zoo animal, maybe, than an artist, I still got to do several sprites for people who missed a needed sprite/sound...

Don't give up! You know it, This community is also for people who don't use the program, has Honey-nut Chirios is not only for human! Same as some fish baits, See you more on solitare club formus... B.T.W? Who wants to be in Gashapon?