Ok. In this article I'm going to show you how to create a paralax background, and even a foreground.

First, open up MMF2, and create a new application blar blar.

Then, set the first frame's width to something significantly larger than 640, like 1024, so the scrolling can be easily seen.

THen, go to the view menu, and select the toolbars sub-menu. Select the "layer toolbar".

Locate the layer toolbar, and hit the little plus sign. A new layer has been created. Hit it twice more, so you have four layers. [note: layer priority works so the top of the list is above things lower than it. I.E. the top of the list is the topmost layer.] So name the topmost one "foreground" the 2nd one "main" the third one "bg 1" and the fourth one "bg 2". Then go to the properties of each one. You will see two values called the X coefficient and the Y coefficient. For the foreground, set the X and Y co. to 1.5 or something larger than 1, but not quite 2. Then, open up the layer called "bg 1". set it's coefficients to something lower than 1, but higher than .5. Then open the bg 2 layer and set the coefficients to something lower than bg 1's. Now put some stuff in those layers, make your game have scrolling and


Your game has paralax.