Recording of Question & Answer Session (part 1)

Recording of Question & Answer Session (part 2)

Clickteam highlights:
* Install creator 3: Yves will work on Install Creator after Hardware Acceleration, plans for 6 months work (3 developing, 3 testing). Expect something in Summer 2008. Features: Will be able to select components to install (tree-like structure with checkbox). Plug-in SDK (own dialogue boxes, change images, etc). Checkboxes in default dialogue boxes and parameter input (ask users for info to be saved to registry/INI). Definable macros. Maybe option to generate registration codes on the go via paid package hosted on the CT site. Potential MSI support but would be in special more expensive version.
* Jamagic 2: Not likely.
* Java runtime: Demonstrated Gracillis V and Concentration. Will build as Java Application (Mac/Linux - 2-3 times slower than normal runtime), Java Internet Applet (web browsers) and Java for Mobile Devices (with limitations, e.g. on screen size). Ported internal objects, will port main ones such as INI and control objects but not all. There will be a Java SDK. Will work on on BluRay option for Sonic Solutions BluRay authoring software as BluRay runs Java.
* MMF2 editor on other platforms: Plan to work on main editor in Java for next year (will take 9 month to a year). No native support for Linux/OSX.
* Hardware acceleration: Free update, hopefully as a Christmas present. It does work, but there are still some problems. Demonstrated large rotating bouncing fish in normal mode and Direct3D mode. Uses DirectX 9 and pixel shaders. Will support full-screen/transitions. New ink effects / ink effect system using pixel shader in HLSL/XML. Supports simultaneous ink effects, alpha channels, RGB filtering w/ blend coefficient and semi-transparency (but not multiple ink effects). Reduces memory consumption. Some objects will need reprogramming by third parties - extensions can draw 3d polygons with textures (but can't manipulate each vertex of polygon individually). Extension SDK will be updated. Collision detection still software. Won't have full multi-monitor support.
* MMF3: Task list of 3500 entries to be sorted. Will extract and post main list and get users to vote on what they most want. Estimated to be released one and a half years from now. Address weaknesses in event editor (will add else and sub-events), printing. True isometric mode. Hope for better network support. Picture editor will have save graphic option which saves all to file, can then an Active can load it via an action during runtime. Will also have a swap animation action. Might use Unicode for MMF3.
* Misc: Maybe sound effects for internal sound engine. Will fix aspect ratio problem with maximised windows. Will add option for force anti-aliasing on text.
* MMF 3D: Will decide in March/April whether MMF3 or MMF3D will be done first (opting for MMF3D would delay MMF3 a year). Should be able to make any kind of 3D games, not just first person shooters. Would need 3rd programmer for physics.
* Vitalize 4: Release delayed because Yves had to work on MMF2/IC/PM patches and due to Vista. Few new features. Will be out by the end of September.
* Graphic libraries: 20-30 will come out over the next couple of months. 4-5 high-quality 3D renders and ~10 with pixel art. Will make libraries from existing example games.
* Extensions: Clickteam intend to focus more on features and leave extensions to extension developers. Might be a Flash embed object. Not going to work more on 3D object, but will update 3D Mesh to work with 3D mode. Irrlct seemingly abandoned by developer, don't have source code.
* Other runtimes: No native OS X support. After the 4-5 months of work on Java will work on Silverlight then Pocket PC for beginning of next year (for either MMF2 or MMF2 Developer). Investigated Flash but it wasn't deemed viable. WineLib to be investigated.
* Transition SDK: To be re-made and re-published this autumn (with Direct3D version).
* Ink effect SDK: Will be done when there is time.
* Sound/image SDK: Should be released at same time as MMF3 (around one and a half years from now).
* Bonus packs: There will be no more bonus packs. Continuous release and Sphax's extension downloader instead.
* Quiz Object: Demonstrated. Can make complex quizzes without events.

* Clickteam mug
* Clickteam pen
* Clickteam keyrings
* Hardware acceleration beta for MMF2
* KnightTrek CD from Paul Boland
* Mr. Stump's Dentures 2 CD
* Gamesare promotional CD

Competition items:
* MMF2 Developer
* Jason Darby's Power User's Guide to Windows Development & Make Amazing Games in Minutes
* KnightTrek Games (I think)
* Clickteam t-shirts
* Clickteam mousemats