I upgraded to MMF2 from TGF a while ago, and I stumbled upon this issue:
You can make qualifiers global in TGF, or rather, you can use qualifiers in global events. MMF2 can open gam files, and the global qualifiers that were in the original gam file will then appear among the global events in MMF2.

I don't think it's a good idea to try and go around what MMF2's programmers have done, but I felt I wanted to explore this a little further.

Once global qualifiers have been implemented in MMF2 via TGF you can work with them in MMF2, though you still can't copy events containing global qualifiers into the global events. It is sometimes possible to save games like these in mfa format, but I found that projects with more complex formulas containing global qualifiers could not be saved as mfa. It was however possible to build executables with global qualifiers at all times I tried this. As far as I tested them, these exes worked just fine.

Things like this makes you wonder how all this is really programmed under the editor surface...