NOTE: Most examples in this article art zoomed in!

This article is broken up into different sections:

1. Simple Platform

2. Texturing your Platform


Turn on MMF2 or TGF2 or whatever and make a new Backdrop object, preferably size 32 x 32.

1. Simple Platform:

First lets start by choosing 1 colour, any colour will do just make sure it isn't insanely dark otherwise that will come back to bite you in the butt later on.

Next get a darker version of that colour you just picked, then choose the Line Tool and now using that dark colour draw 1 line straight across the top of the objects.

Now choose a slightly lighter colour of the previous and make 2 lines under the previously made dark line.

Now choose another lighter colour and this time make 4 lines under the previous set of lines.

Now finally repeat this process with 8 lines 1 more time.(and of course using a slightly lighter colour)

Now you should have something similar to this:


Next were gonna keep the colour we just used and make a pattern under that finaly set of lines that we just made, this pattern makes the platform looks more bright and colourful, but overall its feel really depends on how it is shaped and coloured.

Here is an example of what i just described:


See what i mean now?... good.

You don't have to draw the patter EXACTLY like that, it actually helps to think of a pattern design yourself.

Once that is done we can move onto the final part in this section of the article.

This part is SHADING!

Shading is making a certain part of an object darker or lighter using the same colour just with either a lighter or darker shade of it, depending on how it looks and how nice you want it too look it all comes down to how well you shade it.

Under the pattern we just made were gonna add some shading to make it look like that pattern is hanging off the platform, this will add a nice little touch to it but make it look all that more cool.

Here is an example of what i want you to do next:


Notice the darkened area under the pattern, try not to add TOO many lines of shade to it otherwise it may look a little off.

With that done that makes this part of the article done, IF you want to continue reading i suggest you keep the platform you just made and save your MFA.

Texturing your Platform

YAY! You decided to keep reading!

Right then lets continue.

All we hav right now is a Normal Shaded Platform, but it needs more if it wants too look good.

So we're gonna texture it too make it look AWESOME!

Texturing can be done in MANY different ways, but lets just start with something more easy.

In the space under the shaded area of your pattern, thats the area we're gonna texture, to start were gonna make 2 small patterns and repeat them in various areas of that space, this will add a simple textured effect for your platform, for example i have used 2 different pattern designs:


my first pattern i put in there looks like a little gem (it isn't though.), and the second patter is just a simple dot.

If you zoom out and look at the texture you just made it should pretty good so far.

Next were gonna texture the upper sections of the platform to make it look good overall.

Think of a neat pattern to make on the object and repeat it on to each area.

NOTE: Make sure the pattern your repeating onto the platform in the darkened areas above have the patterns also darker as it goes up, if you don't understand what i mean here is an example:


See how the pattern gets darker as it moves into the darker areas of the platform?

Oh but this part isn't over JUST yet, now you may notice how... well dull it looks with just 1 colour on it.

So lets add more flare to it, more colours make it looks more appealing.

To get the right colours in there we can just shove them in there otherwise you can end up with some really messy.

So we have to make the new colours blend in there so that they don't stand out TOO much.

Hopefully you know how to make your own colours, so as long as you do we will continue.

By doing this pick a colour to blend into the platform, now choose a colour in between those 2 types. (2 types as in the normal colour from before and the new one you just picked.)

Think of a pattern to add to your platform and slap your new colour in there.

If you are confused here is an example. :


See those lines i made with the lighter colours on them, thats an EXAMPLE of what you should do next, don't copy the pattern, copy the idea i just presented.

Once your done zoom out and now it looks even better!

And here is the platform now, i even added a more backdrops under it to make it look good.


All i did to make the backdrops under the platform was made an object and repeated the pattern with the extra colours onto it over an over until it filled it.

I will now leave you here.

Until next time (And there will be a next time mind you) i hope you learned more about Pixel art design.

If anyone thinks this is just how to make an platform your wrong.

COMING SOON How to draw a character!!!