Previous: last time we covered how to make a platform.. think i may have went a bit off with it, but i'm sure you understood it... i hope.

So were gonna try something else this time, i want to teach you something that may be of use in the future, how to make your object look

This can be used for making objects like Bars of gold, Ice, metals anything shiny or any kind of made up material.

I think this time i'm actually gonna give you something to follow without letting you loose like in the last article.

So were gonna draw, a bar of platinum. (hehehe, i'm so fancy)

Before we get started, read, do not just whizz through the pictures and skip to the end, you will crash and burn and will just end up learning nothing.

Here we go:

First were gonna need the size for the sprite, lets make the size 72 x 32. (72 being width)

Now the base colour for Platinum, i've been looking for the right colour and its a Silver with a slight tint of blue, here is the colour code i'll be using for platinum:

(138, 138, 167)

I would recommend a lumination level of 105 - 160

Now we can being drawing it!

Drawing Metallic Objects:

I think we'll stick with the 2D look and try not to make it look 3D otherwise that will just make things complicated, draw a roundish rectangle line that covers the edges of the editing box(Use the platinum colour you selected).

For example:


Ignore the black background, thats just so people can ACTUALLY see the the real image.

Now using the same colour make a slightly lighter shade of it and fill the inside of that area.

Now here comes the slightly harder part (Not for you, for me!), this part may be a little difficult for me to explain but i'll try.

Choose a lighter shade this time, i would recommend a lumination level of 20+ (That means add 20 to the lumination of your shade).

No that wasn't the hard part i had to explain, THIS is the hard part.

Using that lighter shade, inside the filled area draw a... aww screw it just look at this picture and that will help:


You may notice how jagged under the light shade is, well you can easily compensate for this by making a shade thats inbetween how dark the filled area and the lighter filled area then by drawing a 1 layered line going under the edges of the lightest filled area.

Don't go over the darkened edge with the light shade otherwise that won't look right.

Make lighter shaded touches whilst making the same pattern inside the lightest pattern, a bit like those russian doll things, the same shape is inside the doll but its smaller each time, do this same method with the pattern, make it SLIGHTLY lighter each time, you only need to do this a few times, here is an example of a way you could do it:


The more saturated a colour is the less shiny it will look, mainly because the saturation is so intense it really ruins the impression there is even a shiny effect, so for the best shiny look always make sure that the saturation is not too high.

Experiment with what i just taught you, make different shapes, but remember changing the shape of your shiny object means that the shiny shaded effect must have a pattern matching it.

For the final example of this part:


Try many differant shapes.

That will be all for this article.

Until next time, cya!

Next article will focus on Character Drawing an Animation!