So I had the pleasure of asking Mark Finsh A Senior SDE in the Creative Systems Group at Microsoft some questions about Kodu. There has been some talk recently about Kodu possibly being able to compete with the clickteam range of products. Mark was nice enough to clear some things up, and tell us some really great news bits that should be really interesting to read for anyone that is making games right now! Here is the reply in its entire from Mark:

Hi Rikus,

Thanks for your mail, and of course, for your interest. Youíve got a very cool site going there, and itís great to see so much talent and energy getting put to creative and constructive use, on what looks like a wide variety of game types.

Hereís a link to a recent interview on Kodu, which might help give you a better idea of the space that we are moving into.

In particular, you might find some of the footage in the video helpful for getting a feel of the Kodu process.

Kodu is quite a bit different from something like ClickTeam, in more than just the 2d-3d jump.

For one thing, Kodu is the game play system as well as the game creator. When you play a game in Kodu, you always have the option to open up the game programming and modify it as you wish. Playing a game is really just a warm up to trying to improve the game.

Kodu is also much less open for content, and that is intentional. We are currently pushing the game design and logic programming aspects of game creation.


As to your question on how complex of a game you can make in Kodu, the answer is, very complex. And weíve seen full games made spanning many genres of gameplay. However, you canít make a game that looks like Halo, or Madden Football. We supply the look and physics, and you put it together and wrap it around gameplay programming. Thatís the idea anyway.

It sounds to me like the sophistication of your members would be a better fit for the XNA Creators Club.

Kodu is built entirely on XNA Game Studio 3.0. I highly recommend it to people that want to program games in their spare time.

On release date, weíll be shipping on the Xbox 360 this spring. We have PC builds out in select schools as part of an educational effort, but we donít currently have plans for a commercial PC release.

I hope Iíve answered your questions somewhat. And mostly, right on right on with your Daily Click site. Itís really great to see that kind of creativity and enthusiasm.