I/ How to start with good basis

I wondered those days on how to make a good on-the-go flash game with MMF, and thanks to OMC, I had a very great exemple of the genre with Burrito Bison and most generally my gaming experience, that I analysed and found some "rules" of the genre.
This article will be cut, with three parts.
=> The first one is about how to start with good basis
=> The second part will be relevant to on-the-go flash games mechanics
=> Finally, I will talk about mobs.
Note: Anyway, Sorry for my lack of knowledge considering my terrible spelling or grammar, I'm from foreign country, but I think that the essential is understandable.

In this part, I will told you about tips and not really about the purpose of those articles, but in fact things that have to come up to your mind, because if you don't think about it before getting started you will do a slapdash job.

First encounter: the preloader and the logo
To make something that is clean and reach your audience, a nice looking preloader is a good thing and doesn't take so much time, and same for the logo thing.

Distribution with MochiMedia...
To be viewed a lot of time, a good way is to put your game in MochiMedia. Be carful, the largest frame size recommended is 600 x 600.

...Or a sponsor
You can find too a sponsor to publish your game. If you do this, pay attention that you will have to put a splashscreen, an advice button in the menu and maybe in-game too.

It's launching time
It is necessary to make a well-worked menu, with stylized buttons, artwork for the background and introduced by a fade in effect. When the player start the game, a sort of cinematic (at least some lines of text) expose the story, plus some details at the end and/or in-game.

Safe !
The best way of saving the progression of the player in this sort of game is saving his upgrades and unlocked mobs and bonuses.
At contrary, you can just escape this part of the work, not because of laziness, but in order to force player to restart with nothing if he quits the game and increase the durability. Attention, your game have to be as great as hell or it will put the audience off.

Scoring mode & Achievements
To increase the duration of the game, a good way is to make a "Survival Mode" to create a scoring competition. This mode unlocks when the player finish the game. Achievement are unecessary goals that interest a lot of people too.

Last but not Least
Before having ideas, try to set in your mind this word: simplify. don't think about complex game mechanics, don't do to much stunning special effects,animate with not much frames... But with quality for sure.