III/ Mobs

I begin this article with the principle that, in-game you find mobs that go against you. Despite this isn't an obligation and it can be unliving obstacles or "circumstances" that occurs and not opposed mobs in the strict sense of the word, so keep in mind this article is adaptative.

Artificial Idiocy
A.I. is an important factor. In fact, mobs has to think primitively and unilaterally, at contrary of most of games that need a well-worked A.I. In games where you have a position to defend, they target your base/character, but in game where you move around, they walk aimlessly or target you.
Generally, mobs are weak. Their true power is that they are overflowing you, except for rares ones that are stronger than average ennemy.

Different types of mobs
The base mob
The first mob met is strongly present during the first steps of the game to earn some money easily to do first upgrades, but he appears less and less as the player progress. His stats are a base for more advanced mobs.

Special mobs
The same system of active/passive can be applied: you can improve mob power with special capacities (for exemple, vulnerability to only one type of action by the player or a weapon) or with stats improvement (2 time more resistant mob).

Note: You can mix up those 2 type of improvement of course.

Bonus Mobs
As they name told it, those mobs offer bonuses when they are defeated (a life, a power boost limited in time...). They are difficult to kill (fast, small...) but not very aggresive.

In this type of game, they are short-lenghted but difficult to pass without required level of upgrades. It has too do not interfer with the fast-spaced gameplay, and permit an accession to a new zone.

To conclude my analysis, I just want to say that's not THE way to go, but A way to go that appears to work well.

Thanks for reading !