Free game creation resources

As game makers we are expected to be an artist, a problem solver, a musician, a coder, and a writer all in one.
Problem is, mastering all of the skills above takes a lot of time and talent. Most indie game developers have strong areas and weak areas in their skillset. This is why its great to have a good library of free resources and tutorials at your fingertips.

Here I have gathered some of my favourite game creation resources all in one spot

It's been a while since I put this list together so some links may be out of date. If you have other favorite resources, leave them in the comments and I'll add them to the list, lets keep this up do date and make it a decent go-to list of awesome.

Sprites (free for commercial use) (click the english button in top-right corner) (includes mmf lib files)

World Creator 1.5 freeware

Character builder

Explosion generator

Amazing free fonts (font categories on side)

Pixel artists (paid and free)

Stock imagery

Sounds and Music

Clickteam forums

Article search

Pseudocode examples (down bottom in external links for lots of algorythims)