I found good clean blue jeans lying down in a bag along a way full of abandoned property people do not need. Picked them up because I am inspired by games like Diablo II, Torchlight and the current Fortnite and Pubg.

You see, if there are items scattered around your town you can pick them up and find a good use for them instead of just ignoring them thinking they are total trash not to me messed with.

You may ask yourself the many reason why even doing that? You can buy yourself blue new jeans and there you go, you are set for yourself! Well then, I say you can reuse, reduce and recycle, These are the three R which are set as a motto for an activist, or just someone who want to come by with an excuse not to pay a whole load of money for a shiny new blue jeans!

You see, dude.
These good blue jeans are not in perfect shape, the guy who threw them probably thought himself that if a label is a bit worn off it is time to buy new shiny cloths, but there is nothing wrong with these gorgeous pants beside that.
They are still in a much great shape to wear them, they came out fresh of a wash-machine for additional use, the owner do not want them and yet, they can be useful for someone. That is obvious.

It is same with Diablo II. Sometimes you find yourself out of equipment to fight monsters because you have died.
That is the reason why items are scattered all around the stage in crude or in a decent fine state... You will mostly ignore them but they can come out pretty handy once you are desperate to use a sword over the broken one you didn't had the time to fix at the blacksmith.

Let's say you are short on time, don't want to teleport or cannot teleport and there is a very dangerous self healing baddie with an extra amount of health, This is one of these situations it was made for, As your time can be precious too, you need a quick method to deal with an enemy worth killing the right second you meet him. A very strong enemy that deals a lot of damage, carry a very powerful collectable and there might be a short window of time before it disappear, Speaking as well of these powerful self-healing bosses which you need to finish quickly. All these broken or low level items, the designers and programmers didn't just left it there to annoy you or by a crude algorithm

If you got nothing to fight with, a crude or a fine but lower level sword will give you at least a fair battle against monsters.
Therefore, the next time you see an item you don't need in a game like Diablo II, Don't just assume it is made so to upset a player... It is more there to give you a fair chance to return into the game. !

So, on your next time you are out to do your business, you can use some tactics you learn on video games to make your life easier & better, and maybe the life of others a bit more miserable... The jeans cartels for example...