Take some tissue, you are going to cry..
So i discovered this website a long time ago, when i was still a very young and naive boy with too many ideas in the head (maybe thats still the case). It was in 2013, on August 04th that i registered here, hoping i would be able to upload many games and stuff i liked to do. But actually things did not went as i wanted... I made a few, barely interesting and not complete games that I published here, then I deleted them because I was unsatisfied. I thank @Liquixcat a lot, because this guy actually kept a trace of my work by writing this article:https://www.create-games.com/newspage.asp?id=4141
I am a very nostalgic person, so often i remember the past and I cry and thats the only reason why i wrote this... just to remember... pls cry with me
P.S: pardon my English lol