A Klik Community Site
Planet Klik is a community site centering around creations made with Clickteam products. Over here you'll find Klik news, games, forums, and more!

Welcome Back
If you think the name Planet Klik sounds familiar, you'd be right! Planet Klik was originally created by Andi Smith, who is also the creator of the TFGF site. However the Planet Klik has been closed down for a while now, so I figured it was time for a reboot. The current site has no connection to Andi and is now run by Toby Davis. Even though we're not the original Planet Klik, I hope that PK can still be a place for Klikers to just hang out, have fun, and make games.

Planet Klik has an easily accessible community forum. Here you can discuss things related to Planet Klik, Klik games, Clickteam, and more! All you need to do is go to https://www.planet-klik.com/forum/index.php?action=register and create a forum account to start posting!

The Featured Section
The front page of Planet Klik is where you'll find featured Klik games, news, and community resources.

Front-Page Links
Along with the featured section, the front page of Planet-Klik features community and resource links. These links include things like other community sites (like The Daily Click), file and game sharing sites, and web hosting resources. You can also find links to game and news posts on the forum (or for the latest you can click the top link of each section to be taken to the respective forum topic).

Contribute to Planet Klik
If you'd like to do more than post on the forums and contribute further to Planet Klik, you can also request or submit things yourself by contacting us via email. This could include a game review, a request for a new forum board, a new community link, or perhaps a request for us to post about a game that we may not have taken notice of.

Free Klik Game Hosting
Did you make something with a Clickteam product? Do you want to have it hosted on Planet Klik? Then send us an email with the game's description, creation tool, and file size (but don't actually send the game just yet) and we'll get back to you soon! Keep in mind we can't accept everything (like multi-gigabyte files for example, use sites like GameFront and IndieDB for that), but we'll certainly try to accommodate as many people as possible. Next we'll ask you to send us the file for us to host on our servers. We will scan it for viruses, upload it, and then give you a link to the game's download page on Planet Klik (as well as adding it to the list of new games on our forum list).

Come On Over And Say Hello
You can find Planet Klik at www.planet-klik.com and the forum at www.planet-klik.com/forum .