Alright, I'll try to make this quick but still interesting.
I used to be a die-hard FNaF fan (but even more to TRTF and FNaTL) so I wanted to make my own game based on these two games, the thing was that I had ZERO experience on this magical world so the first thing I did was to use Scratch, but I didn't do that much as I didn't get used to it (and the fact I don't like it) so I had to look up WHAT PROGRAM WAS USED FOR FNAF (Actually I was just looking up tutorials) and then realized that it was Clickteam Fusion 2.5. This was how I knew about the program and my 9 year old mind COULDN'T WAIT TO USE IT AND MAKE MY DREAM GAME! The problem was that since Fusion 2.5 is paid software so I had to use the Free Edition and you guys know how awful is that one version with its lame limitations so I was disappointed, but I didn't want to let my project die so I had to do something a bit shady: Use a pirated version. Besides of how I made a terrible platformer game before it and how awful the FNaF fan game was (and its sequels) I started to be more interested on platformers for being more fun to make than FNaF games (like come on I have a game of those that IS finished but I am still waiting for some voicelines since January) so during that time Squary was born, mostly as a test game.
Oh yeah, since late 2022 I became a proud LEGITIMATE Fusion 2.5 user thanks to my saving (kudos to my father too as he put a bit of his money and bought me the software) aaannd... I am still lame but still learning.
I mean I still do what made me interested on Clickteam, but like a Mario'd esque game seems fun (also I made a 2D Crash clone but meh who cares)
That's it, what do you think of this or how did YOU got into Clickteam products?