Here are some tips to cut down on the filesize of your game (if you really want to).

They are:

#1: Crop (or shrink) your images

I cannot stress this enough. This technique literally is the best way to cut down on

app size. It has reduced megabytes off some games, and even if it doesn't do that it

will almost surely take off 100kb off your game, if not more.
A tip while cropping: Be sure to finish all your sprites on that object before

you crop it. After you crop the object ( all of it ), set the hotspots and action

points. Do this before you code special placement events on your object.
NOTE: In MMF it's called cropping, in TGF it's called Shrink ( button with a

box with four arrows pointing at each side of it ).

#2: Reduce your sound quality

This also helps chop off some kilobytes. Keep in mind: the lower the quality, the less

space it takes up. I'm not saying to turn a 44.100kHz 16-bit Stereo sound into an

8.000kHz 8-bit mono, but you could turn that into an 44.100kHz 8-bit stereo ( which

saves 86kb a second in .wav format [not including MMF's compression] ) You can

also reduce the amount of time your sample runs by cutting off spaces that have no sound

in them or sound that's very faint.
If sound is critical in your game then I do not recommend doing this ( much ).

#3: Get rid of useless objects and lines of code in your level

This one could possibly get rid of a lot of space. It does seem obvious, but then, a

lot of people don't really do this too much. Remember: Every object takes up space and

processing power. So do useless lines of code.
For useless objects, see if they are ever used in the level. If not, delete them ( this

probelm occurs a lot with level re-use ).
Useless lines of code are a hassle, but if you really need to cut space, then this is a

good idea. Many levels have the possibility of having repeat statements ( especially

Always or Start of Frame statements ), and it's best to put the actions in that line

to another repeat line and then to delete the previous part of code.

#4: Shorten the name of your objects

This is if you really need every last bit of space. Every letter is 1 byte, and an

object with the name of Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz has 26 bytes for the name, compared

to an object named abc, which has 3 bytes associated to the name. If you use that

object a lot eventually those bytes will pile up ( depending on how many levels ). This

is really just a solution that will shave a maximum of a few kilobytes of your game.

Well, there you have it: how to crop down your application's size!