Well, I havn't seen many articles about Isometric game graphics around so I decided I would make one, I'm working on a very huge Isometric game so I know quite a bit of secrets when making the graphics. So here starts my article...

First design whatever character you want to make, write it down on paper, and then 3d model it in your favorite 3D modeling package... I use Anim8or for this because I've gotten so used to its interface. After this, export your graphic as a .3DS file so you can import it into either GMax or 3D Studio Max, you can do it with either (GMax is free though). Once you have imported your character, create a Torus from the top view and give it 16 segments (each segment is a direction for your character). Now clone target cameras on the segments and set the targets to you character. Now you can delete or hide the torus as it is nolonger "of use". Now for GMax, I don't know if it has video post built into it, if it does, use that to render all the cameras! Or you can do it manualy, but that takes FOREVER!!!

This is my first article ( I think ) But I've been in the Click and Dialy Click community for about 4 years now, please excuse my "Rating: Newbie" I've just never submitted an article... :|

If you want to see a finished work of this, view here, I made a unit for my RTS and here is the link to it:
http://www.santiproductions.com/rts.avi (84KB)

If you need additional help with Isometric Graphics, please email me at: johndisanti[at]santiproductions.com

I hope this article helps you!