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Computer Handyman
Author: Yai7 Submitted: 27th July, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 411

A platform game starring Epi, a computer handyman.

Fix all computers on screen and escape your way out. Play in a special arena to kill as many angry enemy workers as you can.
The game is in style of the old Commodor, but also includes more colorful graphics.

The game especially designed for joystick though it can be played by keyboard as well.
The game is in 256 color mode, Yet it is more colorful than the old Commodor.

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Posted by Duncan 27th July, 2002

Awesome, awesome game!
Posted by gustav 27th July, 2002

my comment got deleted? did i say something offesive? o_____o;;;... anyways great game, nastyman
Posted by zork25 28th July, 2002

This game awesome! Great sounds and grat graphics and great all!
Posted by Rikus 28th July, 2002

sorry Gustav, had to fix something, so had to delete your comment. Great game btw:)
Posted by gustav 28th July, 2002

np :3
Posted by gustav 28th July, 2002

plus the c64 had the most horrible palette ever!
Posted by FlameCritter 28th July, 2002

nastyman makes hilarious games, but they're really cool.
Posted by Yai7 28th July, 2002

Thanks!!! I now uploading an help file and a nifty Qbasic Exe help file so anyone who did'nt knew yet the secrets of playing could check and learn! Thanks people for having fun when playing!
Posted by Yai7 28th July, 2002

By the way. Did anyone played in the blood mode?
Posted by gustav 28th July, 2002

hahaha yeah. blood mode r0xx0rs
Posted by Zip 29th July, 2002

cant even clear the first level i jump down that hole and then i fall and die
Posted by Asholay 29th July, 2002

Yeah- well hard but well cool
Posted by Yai7 29th July, 2002

Hehe. And I can't really blame Circy and Canaryman for giving this game a rate of 3. When you suck at playing a game and you always kill only 3 enemies at the arena in the game you can't really get this number out of your mind... ;) If they had no kills in the arena, than I might get no score at all from these guys! Remember keeping playing this stuff! If you don't succeed, don't be shy to ask for a password, I will happy to give the password for the jungle levels: 11-20 To show it is'nt really repeat itself. Hehe, Yea.
Posted by Yai7 29th July, 2002

Oh. I might was abit offensive. I didn't ment to upset you guys. Just keep playing. You people, can easily kill 10 people or more. Please don't count the whole game on it's first level. Sorry for being rude. Thanks for the people who liked playing my game. :)
Posted by ruffles 30th July, 2002

err.. how do I play the arena mode? and what is a spanner (i'm brazilian)??
Posted by mojofltr 13th January, 2005

Wow, I'm a little late on this one, but GREAT GAME! The blood mode is an especially nice touch! :-D






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