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The Pure Of Hart
Author: Yai7 Submitted: 29th November, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 352

Edited By NastyMan on 1/8/2013

Allow me to presents my puzzle fighting game featuring cartoons from the DeepEnd and the Nastorama. This time, in a quest to beat the guts out of evil. Benjamin L blankenship and his friends have the power to use magical stones to fight against Iggy Von Eval, Dicky Homely and their companion of other freaked out characters.

The game objective is to train Benjamin and his friends in the normal mode to gain experience and rise up their levels until they are able to face against Dicky and his companion in the Battle mode.

Though they seem easy to beat you'll have to train Benjamin and his friends to the top before facing Iggy in his worse evolved evil forms.
This will be a good idea to unlock some hidden characters to double and triple the power and skills of your fighting

Pop as many colorful and animated power stones as you can while listening to some wacky mod files made by Me(Yair) and others taken from the Mod archive made by a guy named Drq.

The game is a puzzle fighting game, and I tried to do my best to make it decent enough for playing. So Have fun.

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Posted by HOSJ 29th November, 2002

Perhaps you could make it so that it was not the middle finger pointed at the squares on that hand? :)
Posted by Yai7 29th November, 2002

I uploaded a better snapshot, But I didn't fixed the finger.
Posted by Bart 29th November, 2002

Keep the middle finger, rofl!
Posted by JohnsProgram 29th November, 2002

Very Addictive! :)
Posted by Danny 30th November, 2002

i dun't think u should put the middle finger.....
Posted by Jon Chambers 2nd December, 2002

I can't work this out. It's too complex. Games arn't good complex, unless they reflect reality. With games reflecting reality, you already have a decant understanding of the rules. Basically, I'm repeating chickens last post.
Posted by Yai7 3rd December, 2002

I had built a help section attached to the game as a html file. I should serve the help alone, but currently it's on the deep end's help file. Basically, When your'e clicking on cubes that are together, You get more scores on the normal mode and you strike the enemie harder on the battle mode. Harts give you time on the normal mode while it heals you on the battle mode. I'll explain more later... Just ask!
Posted by Peblo 16th December, 2002

Cool, i got dennis, how do u get the other charachers? im lost...
Posted by Yai7 22nd December, 2002

Haha. Yeah. Dennis. You probably beat these evil guys allot or you might have gained 4 seconds of time left. Now. If you want Captain Cozmo you should get more score at the normal mode, If you got around 2000 points it will unlock Captain Cozmo. But each level that your character gains reduce the effort in 20Pts so it becomes easier. If you want Smarty, you should train your characters more. It might unlock Smarty when Benjamin, NastyMan and Bubbles are all level 17 and up. But I might have changed it.
Posted by Dialga-Brite 11th January, 2014

It always crashes shortly after opening it.

Also, I would suggest removing the middle finger as well if you haven't already.





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