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The Bankrobber 2 (movie)
Author: Mattis Berngöran Submitted: 22nd August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 61

This is my, in my own opinion, best movie. I know that this is a game site, not a movie site, but since Im developing a Bankrobber 2-game you can see this as a kind of trailer. A real trailer will be released in the future together with a demo.

If you like this movie, then you can visit .
Since the page is in Swedish, it will be a little hard for you non-swedes to navigate. Here is an easy guide.
At the start page, click "Gĺ in" wich means "Enter". Then, in the menu, click "Ladda ner" wich means "Downloads". In there you'll see a table with the movies names and to the right "Ladda ner", wich, again, means "download". Click there
To view screens from the movies, simply click the movie title.

My games will also be released on this Mapix-site when they are finished, right now I am working on a game about the bankrobber from the movies as I said. If you scroll down on the "Ladda ner"-site you'll se a new table with only one row, this is the game, there is only one so far. Click the title for screens, that is the only avaible right now. A demo will be released soon.

Have fun, and write my guestbook to tell me your opinion about my movies!

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Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 23rd August, 2003

hmm...vad kan detta vara dĺ? Lets check it out...
Posted by TS Team 23rd August, 2003

This sure wasnt made in flash, buddy. Vienghaustcokin newton lieton tuton giovanni chonni.
Posted by Mattis Berngöran 23rd August, 2003

I havent said I made it in flash, Chris :P
Posted by Smeggy 23rd August, 2003

god damn, speak in english!
Posted by Phayze Games 23rd August, 2003

ˇHey! ˇNadie negociaciones en espańol! ˇSé hablar espańol e inglés! ˇA propósito! ˇPelícula de Niza! That my friends... is Spanish... My favorite lanugage to speak! A part from english...
Posted by Phayze Games 23rd August, 2003

Sorry... Got a little carried away there... Nice movie though!
Posted by Mattis Berngöran 24th August, 2003

Cameron> Hm :P Thank you all for your opinions.
Posted by Mattis Berngöran 25th August, 2003

The sequel to the movie is coming fall 2003, you can read that on the page but most of you dont understand swedish so I tell you here too. A trailer to The Bankrobber 2 - Part 2 the massacre is avaible at the site, and I figure that about 30% of the movie is completed. It will be about two or three minutes long, effective time, not the credits counted. The same voices, many people love them, at least here in Sweden. Maybe its because they actually understans :P An english page might be coming, and if you´re all lucky, I might bother to do a version of TBR2:P2 with english text. English speach is also an option but dont count with it since I dont know if I have the time or will to re-do all the sound recording and bother all the people who loaned their voices to the movie characters again. The production of both the new movie and the game(TBR2:The Game) will proceed faster in a week or something like that, since we´re buying a new computer this week wich means everything will be so much easier, and faster. Right now Im working on a lazy system, 550 MHz PIII, 128MB Ram and 10GB hard drive. It really sucks.





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