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Grimworld Cinema Wars
Author: Stephen [NeonairGames] Submitted: 24th December, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 108

Edited By Snerlin of Neonair on 2/6/2004

This originally started out as a Click cinema contest but nobody ever sent anything in for it. It's big enough as it is now anyways. This is a Christmas present from Neonair Games.

The plot:

Neonair, the grim reeper was sitting in his house one day watching tv. But nothing was on and it was really boring. Then when he got up to get a snack, he tripped and fell face-first into a newspaper. In the newspaper, he saw an ad for a cinema contest. This looked like fun and he called his Neonair pals, Snerlin, Batel, and Biteg, to enter something for the contest.


The interface for this project is like a DVD. On the title menu, the options are: play,scene selection,bonus features,and exit.
"Play" plays through all the cinemas.
"Scene selection" lets you pick a cinema to play.
"Bonus features" features.
"exit" obviously closes the program

-4 cinemas
-opening and ending sequences
-3 bonus features

In case the screenshots don't show up, here are the links:

Merry Christmas!

(Tell me if there are any bugs. This is the first time I built a stand alone game using MMF although it works for me.)

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Posted by Pete Nattress 26th December, 2003

screenies are a copy and paste into the address bar job, folks.
Posted by CarpetSmoker 26th December, 2003

i didn't get past the opening movie, since i got an epeleptic seizure while watching it...
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 27th December, 2003

I don't get it. There aren't any flashes during the opening sequence. you're joking!
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 27th December, 2003

You can skip the opening sequence by pressing enter at the frame where it shows Neonair's house.
Posted by Karnage [Ragnarok Games] 30th December, 2003

Awwww... I wish I heard about a click cinema contest.
Posted by Blackgaze 2nd January, 2004

i dont get it... anyway you should choose what movie to watch. The graphics really need improvement, good work anyway
Posted by Ly 6th January, 2004

looks good to me.






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