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Grim's Challenge 3rd edition
Author: Stephen [NeonairGames] Submitted: 8th July, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 183

Edited By Snerlin - taco advocate on 11/4/2007

Edited By Snerlin of Neonair on 7/9/2004

.::Updated: bugs and DpL counter fixed::.

The library graphics are rarely used now. Only very few remain who use them in their games. In a desperate attempt, they try to be noticed by developers by opening their library. However, the developers only switched the library back to level objects. One library object called Counter 1 ( although his real name is Chester ) decided he had enough. When Neonair was busy making a game, Chester wanted Neonair the grim reeper to put him in a game. Of course, Neonair would never put a stupid library object like Chester in a game! However, he decided that he could use a good laugh... He made a deal that if Chester defeats him in a game he makes, he'll put Chester in a game. If Neonair wins, however, Chester will have to be his personal official riding pig FOREVER!!!Although there are unlimited lives, Neonair set up a deaths per level system to count Chester's deaths. If Chester has over 3 Deaths per Level by the time he reaches Neonair, then Neonair wins by default and Chester will be his personal official riding pig FOREVER!!!

Test your platform skills as you fight your way through 6 different unique worlds and 8 challenging bosses! Fight your way through enemies ranging from disgruntled library objects to evil slices of pizza!

-6 worlds
-8 bosses
-several different enemies
-custom movement
-hidden secrets accessible through codes
-lots of super cool special particle effects
-more stuff.

(If you find this game way too easy, try it on 1-life mode!)

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Posted by Willy C 8th July, 2004

yea, Ive tested this game before, its kinda good
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 8th July, 2004

Looks good. Downloading... I SHALL REVIEW STUFF!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 8th July, 2004

By the way, I like the bloody smiley in the picture...;)
Posted by X_Sheep 9th July, 2004

I love those hidden minigames ;)
Posted by Chrisbo 9th July, 2004

sounds like the story from in the pit.
Posted by Radix 9th July, 2004

Downloaded, and reviewed. Oh, I forgot to mention how cool the super-cool particle effects are. They're fairly super-cool.
Posted by Lelle 9th July, 2004

Looks great! The third screenshot looks a bit like binary. :) I'm downloading it right away.
Posted by Mori 9th July, 2004

it's brilliant:)
Posted by X_Sheep 9th July, 2004

Wouldn't it be a good idea to add decimals to the DpL counter?
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 9th July, 2004

@Radix: You can't jump on the wizard's head to beat him. If you read the dialogue box at the beginning of the box, you'll see that he's pleading you to stay away from his cauldron: "ExtraLife: You're no match for my spells,Chester! Hey! Stay away from my cauldron! PLEASE!!!!" ;) Chrisbo: yes, the base plot revolving around klikking was inspired by ITP. However, in ITP, Bob the Ball wanted to be in his own library. In GC, Chester wants to be used in a game and ends up almost becoming a riding pigXD. X_Sheep: You're right, decimals would be better for the DpL counter. I see there are a few areas to improve on. I'll fix the problems and reupload it. :)
Posted by Wormware 9th July, 2004

Really cool game, the objects, the story and everything else is good. I wish more people would make games like this :D... Keep up the good work!
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 9th July, 2004

bugs fixed! :D I find it funny that Rikus posted the screenshot of the hidden Tetris clone. It's not really the real part of the real gameplay.XD
Posted by Roman-the-evil 9th July, 2004

A very cool game. Two thumbs up!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 9th July, 2004

I found the hidden passwords easy, though. Next time, hide them a bit better. :)
Posted by Rikus 9th July, 2004

hehe, whoops, changed it for ya;)
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 9th July, 2004

lol! Now people won't think the entire game is a Tetris clone. XD
Posted by Radix 9th July, 2004

Oh, okay. I was just skipping the enemy speech, because they attack while you're trying to read.
Posted by AfterStar 10th July, 2004

Ah how lame....I got to the last boss with 4DPL...and i just LOST :( ! How does the DPL works? Deaths / Levels = ?
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 10th July, 2004

Simply put, the DpL counts the number of times you've died and divides the amount by the number of levels you've been through. Thus it outputs your avarage deaths per level. ;)
Posted by awesomeanimator 10th July, 2004

dude that neonair racing thing is awesome...but there's a problem: with a lot of the objects, the closer you get to them, the smaller they get. they should get bigger...*thwap* bad bad neonair;)
Posted by awesomeanimator 10th July, 2004

oh, and next week... GOTW;)
Posted by awesomeanimator 10th July, 2004

wait...that'll be in there with noseman and farm with chickens...ah well im still voting for it:D
Posted by Muggus 11th July, 2004

What an odd game. :P
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 11th July, 2004

Very very nice game. Could do with more particle effects though.
Posted by awesomeanimator 11th July, 2004

okay nvm there's a bunch of new, awesome games. that gotw 100 thing must have got people to upload their best games. bad week to upload this, it may not even be in the poll.
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 11th July, 2004

Yes, I always seem to upload the right games on the wrong weeks. XD
Posted by Strife 11th July, 2004

Nice game! I beat it with 1 DpL, but I forgot all the passwords I recieved. :cry: Dang.
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 11th July, 2004

If you want the all the passwords without beating it with 0 DpL, look in the readme file and make the super-fine-print at the bottom bigger. ;)
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 13th July, 2004

Yeah, Snerlin, Neonair Racing is looking great. But, as mentioned above, the objects jump around on the screen (sometimes there small when there right near the character, exc). I wish I really had a go-kart like that! XD
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 14th July, 2004

Lazarus: Ya, I've been working on the near/far animating. I just recently found a better way to work it out. ;)
Posted by Strife 14th July, 2004

The fake-3D bike-riding part in this game is still pretty good though. ;) Whenever I try to open the Readme file, it crashes. Oh well, I beat the game again with 1 DpL and got my passwords back.
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 15th July, 2004

The passwords are in super-fine-print at the bottom of the readme file. Fore those of you to lazy to resize them, here's all the codes: jukebox ( music test level ) my ( Jump to 2nd world w/ 99DpL ) foot ( Jump to 3rd world w/ 99DpL ) smells ( Jump to 4th world w/ 99DpL ) like ( Jump to 5th world w/ 99DpL ) fresh ( Jump to 6th world w/ 99DpL ) PI ( Jump to last boss w/ 99DpL ) mindless ( play Mindeater game ) roadkill ( play Neonair Racing demo ) get a life ( play the game of 1-life mode)
Posted by awesomeanimator 15th July, 2004

well, it seems as tho gotw could be quite close. this is up there with 6 votes, and seek and dread has 7. i voted this game :D yay gimme biscuit
Posted by GoMoogles 4th October, 2004

I'm sorry but the platform movement in this is absolutely horrid. Specifically the jumping.
Posted by Gamesreul 20th June, 2005

I have not downloaded this game yet but it looks Awsome!!!! I love Rand0mness. Your games ROCK dude!!!!






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