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NastyMan advance
Author: Yai7 Submitted: 18th December, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 316
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This is the complete version of NastyMan Advance

NastyMan is a full speech and sound point and click adventure full of humourous jokes starring DJ NastyMan

This time NastyMan is back for 3 new adventure episodes
Help NastyMan
1.To discover the mysterious green flag at the top of the mountain
2.Escape from the maze of cheese
3.Work at the Baby Shed pizzeria and defeat the hudloom kangaroo.

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Posted by AfterStar 18th December, 2004

WoW! Haven't played a nastyman game for ages! Its good to see a new nastyman game again! Nastyman previous games were cool and funny! Let's try this one!
Posted by AfterStar 18th December, 2004

How do you pass that level in the cheeze cube,where there is a honey jam? I connect the wire of the lamb,then i tried clicking EVERYWHERE with all objects -with and without honey on them- and nothing seems to happen. And those password-compinations levels are really annoying!I found the compination on luck! In the cheese level:you have 3!X15combinations for each of the 3 methods. In that green flag u got like:3!x3!x2!x4!=6x6x2x24=576 COMBINATIONS for each of the 3ways...MAN how are you suppose to find that without ANY clues?I just found it based on luck...
Posted by 醤油の兵士 18th December, 2004

are the bugs fixed yet?:P and do you have any hints for that lever and buttons screen?
Posted by AfterStar 18th December, 2004

I have finished both games... Its just a matter of luck!Click everything and everyone with every possible way! Where is the 3rd episode?Can't find it... The only logical puzzle,is the last puzzle in Cheese! Amnesiasoft:This may help: When the white paper says [1] click 1st button,1st button(of the 3),1st button(of the 2) and 1st lever...Its something like that...can't remember... In the cheese stage,when the white paper says [1] click the 2 last button(To be highlighted) and put the clock on 6 o'clock!Its either that or click the 1 button and 6 o'clock!...
Posted by 醤油の兵士 18th December, 2004

fix the hot spot too XD
Posted by Joshua M. 18th December, 2004

Bleh can't get passed the 3rd cheese level with the spinning arrow thing.
Posted by Fifth 18th December, 2004

I know that for [3] in the chesse maze, I had the arrow pointing up to the left, and one of the buttons pressed. The 2nd or 3rd. I wasn't paying much attention, though, 'cause I didn't actually expect to get past.
Posted by Jason Orme 18th December, 2004

any reason why Nastyman looks like Alex the Kidd?
Posted by Andrew Barontini 18th December, 2004

i did it i did it for 3rd lvl of cheesy place i had the last 2 buttons highlighted and the clock was a little past 6 if u cant do it then just type password for the password
Posted by Joshua M. 19th December, 2004

Aarg how do you get passed the 4th level of the cheese maze??/
Posted by Deathbringer 19th December, 2004

Hey, i used to love the Bubble Girl games, i'll give this one a go.
Posted by B÷­var PÚtur ŮorgrÝmsson 20th December, 2004

That music is blocking all the samples, I had to turn off the music. And the music is annoying too.
Posted by chrilley 20th December, 2004

You can change your volume settings, you know... like putting down the MIDI output to half of what the Sample output is..
Posted by DaVince 22nd December, 2004

I had to put it down to about less than 1/10th. Damn the music.
Posted by Jub 23rd December, 2004

Umm..who/what the hell is NastyMan?
Posted by Deathbringer 24th December, 2004

Obviously the star of a series of "Nastyman" games made by this guy, there have actually been loads of them, i visited his site once to see them all, but he doesnt appear to have one right now, at least his link in the links is dead
Posted by Noyb 28th December, 2004

*growls at illogical puzzles*
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 3rd January, 2005

This game is pretty good, and funny at times, but the puzzles in the cave suck arse. Like AfterStar said, there is an impossible amount of combinations to get past the bit with all the buttons, and there's not a single damn clue anywhere as to how to do it. And the bit just before that sucks too, when you click the arrow buttons sometimes blocks move at random rather than what's supposed to move, I only passed it by fluke. Fix these and I'll comment further. I haven't tried the cheese maze yet, I'll give that a go. Keep it up dude, just don't make the puzzles that damn hard with no possible way of knowing what to do!
Posted by hey hey shoe 3rd January, 2005

its cool but... the brush you used in paint is too thick :O
Posted by ruffles 4th January, 2005

nastyman is god ok, not god, but he rules holy shit i can't even go through the first puzzle in the game what do i have to do????
Posted by Adam Goodman 14th January, 2005

I can't figure out how to cross the bridge either. Tried a bunch of different combos of the gum, rope, and rock. I think i nthis game you shouldn't be able to die, like in Monkey Island, once you solve a puzzle it's kind of BS to have to go back and solve it everytime you want to try 1 little thing differently.
Posted by DBack 31st January, 2005

except that one of the defining parts of a nastyman game is the multitudinous ways you can get GAME OVER! in your face.
Posted by Hempuli 30th September, 2005

nice hard game :)





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