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Another Puzzle Bubble Girl
Author: Yai7 Submitted: 12th January, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 123

Edited By NastyMan on 5/23/2005


Yet another Puzzle Bubble Girl

Bubble Girl goes back for another puzzle game!
This time is better than the former.

Switch the monsters with Shift to make 3 in a row and pop them with Ctrl. Simple.

Each time you pop a monster you earn seconds time and few points

This is a child safe version.

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Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 12th January, 2005

Nice - the way the bar moves about seems a little eccentric at first, but it's easy to get used to.
Posted by Teapot 13th January, 2005

this is excellent!
Posted by Teapot 13th January, 2005

Bloody addictive, this is going straight to my desktop!
Posted by Teapot 13th January, 2005

Unless your playing on hard the game just hands you combos.
Posted by Teapot 13th January, 2005

5850 (hard)
Posted by Yai7 13th January, 2005

Cut it out! =] I knew you'll discover it. =]
Posted by Yai7 13th January, 2005

There Is a child safe version. If it bothers some of the editors or admin I will replace it with that child safe version. Just send me mail if it is bother you.
Posted by mojofltr 13th January, 2005

I really like this game, but I think it could be better with slightly different controls. ie... Have the block selection thingie turn on an axis directly in the center. The rotation could be controlled with one button while the arrow keys could control the up-down/left-right movement. Another idea is to have a puzzle mode where the screen doesn't refill as you remove blocks. If/when you clear the screen completely, you are rewarded with a picture or animation and then you continue to the next puzzle/level. Great work, btw. I have wanted to do a puzzle game (it is one of my favorite game genres), but whenever I try to get creative and design the game, it either becomes too complicated or turns into being something that's already been done - like Tetris! :-P [edit] I've been playing this one for about a half an hour now. I've gotten used to the controls now that I've played it a bit more. Any chance you could release a version that will allow it to change to full-screen? Also, music would be nice. :-D
Posted by Teapot 14th January, 2005

What makes this non-child-safe?
Posted by Teapot 14th January, 2005

P.S Im talking about the first version.
Posted by Yai7 14th January, 2005

In the first version you could see her get naked after you get score of 100000.
Posted by Teapot 14th January, 2005

oh ok
Posted by mojofltr 14th January, 2005

I missed out on the ultra-rare nudie version. :-(
Posted by Joshua M. 15th January, 2005

child-safe version? What about the not-child-safe version? Can I see? XD
Posted by Deathbringer 15th January, 2005

I remember in "Bubble girls pack o fun 2" you could see her naked if you killed enough blob things in one of the special games. I need to makw a game like that one day, except with gore, and different death sequences, and heavy firepower, and the bad guys are "God hates fags" protestors
Posted by Noyb 15th January, 2005

I remember you could do the same thing in the first Pack o' Fun if you beat an entire level set without dying.
Posted by DaVince 18th January, 2005

"If you were in the middle of something"...? The filthy Microdoft bastards.
Posted by Zimtower 20th January, 2005

(.Y.) < dont look, they staring
Posted by DaVince 24th January, 2005

Why don't ya add in a different surprise, Nastyman? Like a mini bonus-game.
Posted by Digital Dream software 12th February, 2005

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA im addicted but my eyes really kinda hurt... the sprites maybe could be a bit bigger or bolder? great game!





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