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Author: Stephen [NeonairGames] Submitted: 8th June, 2005 Favourites:1
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 529
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Edited By Snerlin - taco advocate on 11/4/2007

This is the finished version of my entree for the 5-day mini RPG competition. Needless to say, it's better than the imcomplete version used for the compo.

.:: Story ::.

Snerlin was up late again trying to finish his RPG for the competition when he accidentally divided by zero and opened up a portal to another dimension. A royally-dressed peanut named Billy popped out of the portal and stole all of Snerlin’s games. Snerlin chased after Billy into the portal to try to get his games back. Unfortunately for Snerlin, Billy brought along his pet experimental stickman which beats the crap out of Snerlin sending him falling from the sky into a magic spring in a forest. Here Snerlin wakes up and discovers that he is in a world called Ran d’ Omness. His first step would be to get out of the spooky forest in which he landed and then he must find Billy and get his games back. This is where Snerlin’s adventures in Ran d’ Omness begin.

.:: Controls ::.

-arrow keys to move

-Enter to talk to people/ inanimate objects, progress through text, or select something from a menu

-Shift to view pause menu, hold Shift on pause menu to view your party’s stats, or press shift in battle to skip your turn.

-CTRL to go back in menus

-hold CTRL while walking to run

-Esc to skip intro

.:: Features ::.

-FF style battle engine
-saving system
-no random encounters( you can see where the enemies are and attempt to avoid them)
-2 allies you can get. Each party member has their own unique skill(s)
-tons of random enemies and bosses(many of which are optional)
-original battle theme
-3 large dungeons

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Posted by kankki 9th June, 2005

Top quality! ;)
Posted by kankki 9th June, 2005

Aaaah.. Noeonair spirit... Green and purple....
Posted by Garth G 9th June, 2005

Oohh. im downloading now =-)
Posted by Garth G 9th June, 2005

LMFAO this game is funny, the burnt cookie forest? Thething carrying the pig? oh recamended foreveryone even if you hate green and purple!
Posted by Teapot 9th June, 2005

Haha this is excellent.
Posted by Muffin Batel [neonair games] 9th June, 2005

excellent- keep up the good work!
Posted by DaVince 9th June, 2005

It's finished? Great! Make sure it has a save function, or else...
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 9th June, 2005

Yes, it has a save function. I'm glad everyone likes it so far.
Posted by Spiriax 9th June, 2005

Nice game! Make a LONG game with much stuff! :D And I love your sense of humour. Top class! ;)
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 10th June, 2005

"Make a LONG game with much stuff! " I do already have 2 sequels for this planned out which will be much longer than this, but I don't expect I'll start on them until late this year. The sequels will also feature different battle systems.
Posted by Muffin Batel [neonair games] 10th June, 2005

oh noes! a thumbs down!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 10th June, 2005

Don't worry- whoever gave it thumbs down had no taste. :P This is a great game, Snerlin! :D
Posted by -_darkman_- 11th June, 2005

This rawks!
Posted by Muffin Batel [neonair games] 11th June, 2005

should we all be fanGIRLish, phizzy?@_@
Posted by DaVince 12th June, 2005

Ooh aah. Great!
Posted by Muffin Batel [neonair games] 12th June, 2005

ah, i see thats your job then phizzy
Posted by CsaR 13th June, 2005

weee I got the ultimate weapons :P, not that hard to find out the password. Those green monster which are immune to physical dmg give massive exp also.
Posted by matty - (pandemonium games) 13th June, 2005

A great game maker is you! This game is great! I managed to copmlete it(after quite a while). It is set out so well and it's very enjoyable to play. Only 'glitch' is that you can go into the menu and back out and the monsters will go. Good work! :)
Posted by Philipe (Phil-Con Games) 13th June, 2005

Hey Snerlin! Awesome game! Good Job! Er, 2 words! Maybe 3? No, 2! Nice Work!
Posted by Philipe (Phil-Con Games) 13th June, 2005

By the way, the idea is cool! I liked the whole "cow divided by zero" thing, but I couldn't get very far- I'm not any good at RPGs (besides Super Mario RPG! w00t!) Anyways, the only real problem I could find was the menu making all of the baddies go away, which didn'teven matter much bcuz they came right back, Good job!
Posted by Cecilectomy 15th June, 2005

super mario rpg legend of the seven stars was a great rpg! and so is this. two nubbs up.
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 18th June, 2005

thanks for the comments guys! Yea, I know about the problem with the menu making enemies go away. Not really anything I could do about that. Sorry I couldn't reply sooner, I haven't had access to the computer all week.
Posted by Jimmy Jimbob 18th June, 2005

Hey this game is too hard, I mean how are you meant to get past the first bit without any kind of life restoring items? Those burnt cookies really take it out of you...
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 18th June, 2005

You can use the life spring behind the old geezer to heal yourself.
Posted by Muffin Batel [neonair games] 19th June, 2005

yea, i found that if you train near the geezer till you're at least level 5 then you can pretty easily get past the first bit
Posted by Gamesreul 20th June, 2005

Great Game. Anyone Who has not downloaded it should. I died on the log guy and got to the same place later but he wouldn't battle me. Why is that? Also could you show the enemies on the screen instead of the weird shadow guys, and also could you show the bad guys health when you are battling. Also ADD MORE TREASURE CHESTS AND SUSHI ROLLS. I do not know how many there are because i have not played the FULL game. And....... How do you earn gruf???? Oh, i forgot to say have a few moe partners to choose from and have different FIGHT attacks. That if all. P.S. THIS IS THE BEST GAME ON TDC!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 21st June, 2005

Don't know why the log guy wouldn't battle you later. I didn't have time to show the actual enemies in the dungeon. There are more treasure chests and plenty of sushi rolls later in the game. You get Grup after beating the 2nd dungeon. This isn't really a very long game, so there's no point in adding a bunch of new allies. Sorry, but I won't be adding any more stuff to the game. There'll be more of the stuff you mentioned in the sequel though.
Posted by Muffin Batel [neonair games] 21st June, 2005

hmmm.. no reviews, still...
Posted by clwe 22nd June, 2005

Whoever gave it thumbs down obviously didn't realise that the game was made in days and not months =P. This is excellent. I didn't really expect a sensible plot, all things considered ;) so what's here is fine, and quite funny in places (loved the 'monster in the closet'). It's the gameplay that's more interesting, anyhow. It was a wise decision for you to make it so you could see (and avoid) enemy battles. As were the FF-style battles, complete with elemental weaknesses/strengths. The graphics were also really good. Again, it's all very impressive considering the time constraints. My only complaint (or point that I would like to make) is that you're forced to level up quite a bit from one section to the next. There are (probably) two schools of thought concerning this kind of design - I look at it as 'oh crap...another five hours of levelling up' =P. I think that you shouldn't be forced to level up, assuming you progress through the game normally and don't keep running away from battles. Ideally, the challenge should be in using your characters and skills tactically, rather than a mindless 'my ATK is greater than your ATK!' brawl =P. Just a little something to consider if you go ahead making sequels - which I would definitely like to see.
Posted by Muffin Batel [neonair games] 22nd June, 2005

hmm.. good comment :)
Posted by Sashman15 23rd June, 2005

Here's a good comment, i just beat the game (WOOTZXOR!) and as an in-the-moment comment, i'd like to say the ending almost made me cry...maybe it was the character's feelings, the script, or simply the fact that i stayed up til 5 playing and beating the game. Very nicely done Snerlin, i knew you could do something like this, you're purely uB3r. I look forward to your sequels, and one problem i found annoying was that you have to just keep attacking (similar to what clwe said, attack is greater..yada yada yada), the graphics were just amazing, especially with how much time you had to make this game, this awesome game, im so glad its actually an rpg too, and not like Jonathan Smeby's rpg (:P your game was stil fun Smeby, i never finished it tho). Well, all i have to say is good job and keep up the good work, or get a ladder and go higher!
Posted by Phredreeke 27th June, 2005

Link doesn't work lol joshua discovered it when I submitted it to crapware
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 27th June, 2005

the link works fine for me. I guess sitesled was down when you tried to download it.
Posted by Mr. Long 28th June, 2005

This is an awesome game...I didn't beat it yet, but its tight.
Posted by Joachim 11th July, 2005

A really funny and well made game. I did notice some "unprofessional" details, for example the dungeon walls looked kinda shabby. But since you had a few weeks on you I'll forgive you that. I love the humor, "Wanna count my toes?". I did wonder though, was "A victorious slaughter is you!" A part of that humor? In that case it was funny! I dont think one should "thumb up" because it was made in days, but maybe it should be considered. If we should follow that rule then all really great games which was used tonns of hours to make should get a lower rating because they spend much time making it.I haven't compleated the game yet but according to how the situation is I think it's maybe too short, and the characters should get more abilitys when they level up. Another glitch, when you fight against the cheese elemental Elsa for some reason looses some of her HP. She had 230 HP when i was there but she only had 120 when i fought it. Yet another thing If you save, your HP don't get saved so you can save and restart to get full HP and MP. Personally I think the game it great, thumbs up!!! If you're gonna make games like this again I think I can help you with that enemy disapparing thing (If the game was made on fusion). I guess you programmed it to change screen when you pressed "enter". But if you rather had the menue as an active object that appared, and then you deactivated the other events (allways group your programmings) And then activate the menu. If the enemys had a bouncing ball movement it would be a bit hard though. You should rather change Its x and y cordinate towards Snerlin, and then it would be deactivated when you pressed "enter".
Posted by Advenith 25th August, 2005

You did this in just a few weeks? It's better than some of the things I've actually paid money for! The battle animations are definitely the most fluid I've ever seen in a free game, and easily rivals (or beats!) the SNES Final Fantasy. I'm downloading all your other stuff now. :)
Posted by Gamesreul 30th August, 2005

Posted by EleXor 7th September, 2005

Just a though, does it count in monster def, att, str, dex and same values with player for the battle engine? :P
Posted by wario 17th December, 2005
Rated :

Awesome game, if I haven't given my comment yet.. lol
Posted by wario 17th December, 2005
Rated :

By the way, I beat the game, just didn't get to the grim dude, the puzzle is too complicated for my mind ;_; There was also a gitch, that leveled me up no matter what enemy I defeated, and I got to Level 130 eazyyyyness.
Posted by Jon Chambers 28th December, 2005

Finished the game, and I must admit, I didn't regret totally wasting precious moments of my life much more than I do after completing any game.
Posted by Whippers With 22nd May, 2006

6 months since the last comment w00t haxxorz

Awesome game indeed, although I'm not exactly a fan of having to power-level 50 % of the game. Those green bunnies that gave you EXP relative to the level (you ALWAYS level) saved my day, though! A thumbs up!
Posted by Shipuli 4th August, 2006

I love it!! <333
Posted by wario 17th August, 2008
Rated :

hehe i remember this game, it was cool stuff haha!!





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